Monday, April 28, 2014

Planting Season!

It's here! Planting season is beginning and I am so excited about it! On and on our winter went and even this April has been so cold and windy but nonetheless we are getting some things planted because it's time; hallelujah! This weekend JW and his dad both received their new apple trees to plant on the land and start a mini orchard here behind our house. We have 14 trees between ours and theirs all planted in pretty rows. I feel like Anne of Green Gables!! It's so exciting. I know that we probably won't get apples from these trees for at least 2-maybe 3 more years but having them started is something and I am dreaming of the days when we will have fresh apples to make pies and sauce oh my!

I don't have a picture of our pretty orchard yet because in the midst of all that the boys had to take down some pretty large Chinese elms and those are laying all over the yard so I didn't want to try to make the track out to the orchard with my bum leg having to hop over logs all over the place too. So the pictures are coming soon.

I hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of your spring time too. May you be blessed with a bountiful harvest season!


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  1. "bum leg" lol! Love that you can humor us and hoping the leg won't be bum for too much longer. Totally forgot to show you our little orchard today while you were over. Can't wait for apples!!