Monday, November 19, 2012

35 Weeks!

Hey we made it to 35 Weeks!!

I can't believe we've made it this far. After our little scare in the hospital at 31 weeks I really didn't think we would see this but here we are and I'm so thankful! My Dr. appointment this past Thursday showed no change from where I was in the hospital which is great. I'm still taking medication to keep my contractions at bay but that doesn't necessarily mean I can't go into labor. The meds are just a precaution. I will stop those this coming Friday though so we'll see how much it's actually helping.

Here are a couple of growth pictures for you. We don't have weeks 32 & 33 because those were taken in the hospital and are on my mom's camera...not to mention they are horrible so I don't think I would share them even if I did have them! :)
31 Weeks 
34 Weeks, home from the hospital now.

35 Weeks! My personal goal. This was taken at my church shower; my first big outing since being on bed rest.

So now we wait. We made it to our personal goal and another couple of weeks would be even better but I will be honest with you I am getting quite uncomfortable now and ready to meet these little ones and hold them in my arms rather than in my belly! Sleeping is difficult and almost every position isn't quite right so I wake up a lot at night but I suppose that's good training for when they are here.

This week is Thanksgiving week and I'm really looking forward to the festivities! I am not bound to bed anymore technically but I am still taking it very easy knowing that even more time is best for the babies. So since I had a big outing last night with my church shower now I will take it easy until Thursday. My sister and I plan to go shopping on Thanksgiving morning at Meijer. They have great deals on Thanksgiving morning and I would rather shop that day than wait until Black Friday...yuck! I don't like to shop that day even when I'm not pregnant so its definitely not happening this year. But I am willing to go to Meijer for a couple of hours before I sit down to our family Thanksgiving meal. Maybe this will help to induce labor and being that Thursday will be a day away from 36 Weeks and also Grandma Winell's birthday I would be ok with that. :) We'll see what happens!

I have a couple more Nursery pictures for you. We've actually painted now and Jared will be working on the trim this week and then we can start putting our furniture in there!! But for now, I don't have pictures of the painted room. So here are some pre-paint. :)

Closet & south wall with primer. 

South and west walls with primer. 

Closet inside with primer. 

West Wall with primer. 
 So that's it for now. I will try to get pics of the nursery with paint & trim up as soon as we finish the trim. :) Stay tuned!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 34

Well, we made it to week 34! This is one of those gestational milestones that we wanted to hit and we did. I am so thankful that these babies are still hanging out and (right now) seem content to stay for a while longer. My personal goal is to get to 35 weeks. If we hit this goal and the babies are born and are healthy they can come home right away and we can avoid going to Neonatal ICU (NICU) all together. This would be fantastic so that's what we're shooting for.

I spent the last 2 weeks in the hospital and was finally released on Friday night. We had an ultrasound right before leaving and left with the encouraging news of the babies' weights being very good! A is measuring around 4.13lbs and B....5.10lbs! So it seems we have one in there that likes to eat! :) Hopefully, he or she will let A catch up a little before they are born but we are still very happy with both weight predictions.

Being in the hospital really made me feel very unprepared for these babies' arrival. I was realizing how much I haven't been able to do simply because I've been on bed rest for 10 weeks now. However, when I got home I started to feel a lot better about that. Jared and my Dad have been working hard on the nursery and we're very close to being ready to paint. In the meantime, Jared's mom rearranged the furniture in our bedroom on the main level to accommodate the double bassinet pack n' play we plan to use for the first couple of weeks/months. Here are some pictures of the progress.

West Wall before. 

West wall during drywall phase. 
Closet & South wall before. 

Closet during drywall phase. 
Double bassinet Pack n' Play set up in our bedroom. 
Jenna visiting me in the hospital. :)

Only 5 more days until our goal! :) 

Sleep well, God Bless, 


Friday, November 02, 2012

Week 33

Yay! We made it to 33 weeks!! Jared and I are so thrilled that we are here and that the babies are still in the oven. Every day is a huge success for them and so we celebrate them today and their continued growth. One more week in the hospital, unless things change or I go back into labor. If no changes I will get to go home on continued bed rest until I deliver. I am missing home so much but thankful for the great care we are receiving here.

Today Jared and I will tour the neonatal ICU because Jared has never seen it and it is good for him to have some idea of what goes on over there in case we do have to spend any time there. Of course because my mom works in NICU, I have seen it and I have a good grasp on what goes on there but it's not a bad idea for me to see it from the eyes of a mom, rather than from the eyes of  a nurse's daughter. Our prayer is that we won't need to spend any time there but it doesn't hurt to be more prepared for it if it does happen.

Thank you all for the continued prayers!