Friday, October 27, 2006

I wish that i had a really great picture of my Tabit from camp. Wow, i cannot believe that it's been almost three months since i've slept in that worn-out old hut I called home for the summer. Lately i've been really missing camp and the busyness of children running in every direction. The smiles of fellow cabin leaders and the songs that were sung so loudly by the kitchen staff on a HOT summer day. I love winter and the seasons, i love my new job and the things that i'm learning, i love seeing my family and friends and being able to get more involved with the ministries of my church. I love all of that and still, my heart aches for camp. Somethings will never be the same after a summer spent at camp and i'm greatful for that. Part of me wishes that life was a camp and the other part of me is greatful that camp is only for a season. God Knows best though, and He surely knows that everything is best when it comes in seasons. Where next summer will take me i have yet to find out. If you feel like talking to God, ask him to help me take things one day at a time. I don't want to rush life. I want to savior it.
Sleep well, God Bless!
-Christina Lindsey

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Starting A New

" At the sunrise every morning
As the darkness slips away
I search the clouds with longing
Will my Lord return today?
In the noonday i am listening
For his knock upon the door
At each sound my heart is pounding
Could it be this is my Lord?
In the fading of the sunset
In the cooling of every eve
I wait beside my window
Lest my Lord should beckon me.
In the midnight i am wakeful
For the radiance of the moon
Maks me think that He is coming
And his glory floods the room.
Ah! Rejoice my soul- He cometh!
Our beloved is on his way
Be every watchful, praying
He may return today."

- Rebekah Pearl; Missionary to the PNG people.

I've been reading the diary of Rebekah Pearl who was a missionary to the people of Kumboi in PNG. I feel like she and i have similar longings and hopes for life. Her heart for the people she worked with is incredible to read about. It was tough especially for a woman missionary going alone to these people who place so much importance on the man's role. They had such a hard time respecting her and understanding why she went alone. But when you read of the work that she did there, i know that it was not in vain. There are so many days in which my heart cries out and longs to see my savior's face and this poem of hers reflects my heart's longing everyday. I wonder though, if i lived my life in light of Christ's coming everyday how different would it be and how much more would i have an attitude of urgency when discussing the saving Grace of God with those who do not know it? May i live my life in the light of His coming and may my heart reflect the urgency and love that Christ's life held.
-Sleep well, God Bless.
Christina Lindsey