Thursday, July 22, 2010

Its officially been over a week since we came back from camping in Mesick, MI....BIG sigh.... Let's have a moment of silence please.... OK I'm better now.
Moving on; These are just a few snapshots of camping 2010. From top, L-R: 1st picture-Me soaking in the sun reading one of my favorite authors, Erynn Mangum's, second series "The Maya Davis Series". It's a standard on our Mesick trip for the girls to go out on the "Green belt" and sun bathe for at least an hour each day as long as the weather permits! I enjoy sun bathing but I enjoy reading more so I like to combine the two. Usually I'm a SLOW reader but this week I was able to finish my book in one week rather than in one month. Hats off to having a week to do nothing but read!
2nd picture is of our group at dinner. We always eat as a group for dinner. This was burger night with corn on the cob and a lot of other really yummy stuff. The ladies up here know how to put on a feast so feast we do EVERY night! It's not necessarily a trip you loose weight on. :D
3rd picture is Kasey and Trevor. Trev was a blast all week long and he loves to camp because he got to see a lot of "Trucks" and "boots" AKA: boats. What a joy! Trevor will be 2 in August.
4th picture is just Trevor soaking in the sun while watching the "boots" go by on "the pond" Aka: the Manistee river where it gets wide near the Hodenpyl Dam. (Not sure I'm spelling that right...)
5th picture is Uncle Jared teaching Trevor how to flash people! He's not a very good influence that Jared guy.... Its their little game they like to play together. :D
SO now that Mesick is over and my relaxing vacation for the summer is gone Jared and I are gearing head into the wilds of the Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada! We're going with the Sr. high youth group at our church for a week. We'll be canoing and portaging (carrying our canoes and packs) from campsite to campsite all week through the wilderness. This is no small park though this is a wild, bears and all, wilderness trip! Yikes! We're really excited but I will admit that I'm a little scared. I'm not a "tough" person so the carrying your canoe and pack thing will be interesting to say the least. We've gotten all our gear and we're ready to go. I'm bringing my camera so I'll be sure to give you all an update when we get back!
Until then...Sleep well and God Bless!