Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finals and Freedom

Thanksgiving was a wonderful break for me this year as my schooling has kicked up a notch as we approach finals. The week before thanksgiving i had an 8-15 page paper on philosophy due and thank God i finished it in time and mine was actually 19 pages, hopefully my prof. won't mark me down for being a little over... Although i'm sure they are not much fun to read. :D Anyhow, i was exhausted by the end of that week and thuroghly enjoyed my thanksgiving break and all the food and family! So this week i went back to classes with a bang and started the week out with a presentation on Tuesday at 7:40AM... glad that's over now too. Now i guess the only thing left is to reach finals week and finish well.
Things are going well at home and at work. Kregels is getting busier by the day and I love selling all the Christmas gifts and seeing everyone's excitement for the season. a little snow came down today and i thought this might be our first big snow, but with it being michigan you know it stopped snowing within minuets and the sun came out to greet us! i do love the seasons!

Well, if you want more on what i've been up to check out our other blog... winellweekly.blogspot.com

Hope you all are great!! Love and Prayers!

Monday, November 05, 2007

This Just In...

Ok, i confess, i've forgotten about my blog for a few weeks and i've neglected to update all of my faithful readers on the new and ever exciting life of Chirstina Winell.... Ha ha well maybe not so exciting.

Mid-terms have come and gone and it seems impossible that the first semester of the new school year is coming to an end very soon. I am anticipating a good finish to the semester and i look forward to the winter events. TODAY marks the first day of Abbica, which for all of you who do not know, that is the beginning of the week of Abby Winell's birthday. Her birthday is 11/11 and we always celebrate throughout the week. This year's theme is Alice in Wonder land and it is always a party with Abby. We will officially celebrate Abbica on Sunday with cake, streamers, a tea Party and the works. Should be a blast.
On another note.... Jared got his first buck last week in the bow season. Actually he got TWO bucks so needless to say he was pretty excited and we have enough venison to feed a family of five for a year. I think we'll survive the winter months over here in sparta.
I am still working at Kregel Parable Christian Stores on the East Beltline and Christmas has come to Kregels this week we had our Christmas Open House on Saturday complete with Christmas music, Spiced Apple Cider, Cookies, and Christmas decorations. It was really fun and it gets me in the mood to have Christmas. Although Work gets a little nuts around Christmas time it is a whole lot of fun and i look forward to all of the festivities.

An update on Jared's Grandma, Arline Winell, she's still at St. Mary's rehabilitation center on 4 mile off of Alpine and she's doing very well. Her mobility is up and the pain is down. She has a mild case of Pneumonia and has been using a nebulizer and is not feeling poorly. She is looking forward to coming home and bugs her nurses to talk to those docotors and get her out of there all the time. She's a riot and i don't believe anything can ruin her spirit of joy and contentment. We all can learn something from her.

Blessings to you all as we kick off another week!
Christina Winell

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Taking it all in STRIDE

Labor day week... ahhh finally a nice relaxed four day week with a set routine. Not really. I've come to the conclusion that God really does not want us to be comfortable where we are. I'm glad. Just about the time you think things are slowing down, new things come up and there is more on your plate than you can stomach. This week Ladies, Bible study kicked off on Thursday, my first full week back to school started off with a bang, and i learned that patience really IS a virture.

Working at Kregel's 3 nights this week was a switch from my usual day shifts. Wednesday night i got to work just shortly after 3:30 and i was training one of our new staff members when all of a sudden our work place became a war zone. :D ok maybe i'm exaggerating. We had a customer in who was disabled and when i say disabled i mean she was mentally sick not like downs sindrom or Alzhimers, she had demonic thoughts and used two names, she yelled very loudly throughout the store demanding our every move and attention. She used words that i prefer not to repeat and she put me down like I was a piece of poo on the sidewalk. Initially i was very scared and didn't know how to approach the situation and then God decided to tell me how to handel her one step at a time. i started to pray and God gave me strength and patience and love for her that i didn't i could have. She was in our store for a total of 3 hours Wednesday night spending a total of 400.00 on bargin books and the like. I was pooped and i was ready to quit my job... but i didn't of course that would be just plain stupid. Thursday rolls around and again i go into work optimistic that the shift would go better than the night before. I hadn't learned my lesson good enough though so God decided to bring her back to Kregels for another 3 hours and another 700.00 worth of purchases. Wow, this time, went much better... i was tired and i was upset with her continual put-downs. it litterally wore me out to speak to her and again, God gave me the strength to serve her with a smile and to help her with her order. Now, i understand that these things are totally out of her control as well as mine and that night God really broke my heart. i was broken for this lady and so many others like her. i had such a great appreciation for the life that God has given to me and was humbled to know that i am no better than her. God loves me. I am broken, bruised, sinful, dirty, and full of unrighteousness and yet God loves me and gives me new life in Jesus Christ. God sees that lady the same way he sees me. I was humbled and challenged to see her that same way. I was challenged to see her not for what she was yelling to me, not for what her outer appearance was like, not for what her carelessness for others was, but for what she is as a creation of God. No, i can't change her life and her condition but God can and he certainly used her condition to teach me what it really means to give of yourself and just love as Christ loves. Christ came to earth and shared the gospel with men and women just like my customer. And just think, they didn't have medication for things like that back then! What patience and obedience to his father. i want to have that kind of love for people. I won't work with people like her everyday but i can work to see everyone in light of who they are as a creation of God. We are all broken, and we all get to heaven under someone else's name.

Thanks God for the lessons and the patience. give me strength daily to love like you love and live like you lived in total obedience and gratefulness.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Falling for Fall

August 30, 2007

It's been one of those relaxing, get things done around the house, eat a good breakfast, eat a good lunch type of day. The weather is calming down to a beautiful 70's range and the day feels longer and more productive than in the heat of the summer. Jared and I took a nice walk in the woods at his grandma's house last night. it was good just to get out into the open air and breath in the sights, sounds and smells of the country. I'm really gearing up for fall now with new fall scented candels throughout the house and warm coffee early in the morning. I think i must be a sucker for the change of seasons because every time i go outside i'm scoping out the trees hoping to find some change in color. I have actually seen a few trees starting to turn to bright reds. It's beautiful. I started school on monday and so far so good. My MWF class was switched, out of nowhere, to an on-line course. Something new for Cornerstone. So i'm taking one online and two regular classes. My teachers all seem really nice; good fits for their subject area if you know what i mean. My Education teacher is a hoot; really up beat, a morning person type. My Philosopy teacher is a thinker, the kind who can spend half the class rambling on and on about who knows what and still keep the idea of the class going. Then there's my online teacher, i don't really know much about her, but she seems nice. At any rate, i'm anticipating a good semester. My next class should start in about 15 min. then i have to work tonight... it's been a while since i've worked at night. I hope i still know what to do! :D I suppose i'll leave you with a thought for the day....

"11When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, "Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and 'sinners'?"
12On hearing this, Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 13But go and learn what this means: 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.'[
a] For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."'

From Matthew 9:11-13

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All New

It's been over a month since Jared and I got married and all is going well. We're starting to get a normal rutine down for the week. Groceries on monday (or Tuesday in this weeks case) laundry on wednesday and sunday. Jr. High youth group on Wednesday nights, and so forth and so on.... But soon we'll have to get into another rutine because i go back to school on Monday! Normally i wouldn't be so excited to go back. But i've set some realistic goals for myself this semester and i'm looking forward to working hard and doing well. I'm not a bad student or anything it's just that school gets slow sometimes and you wonder if you'll ever finish. The end is in sight and I want to go out finishing well. Chaille comes home from camp this week!!! I'm super excited to see her and spend some time with her! I spent the afternoon with my mom yesterday and we had a lot of fun. i miss her very much these days and though i see her on and off throughout the week it's just different not living with her. It's a good different but i still miss her. My "little" brother Jacob is going to be a senior this year at Kent City and i'm so excited for him. It's so strange to think that i've already been out of school long enough for him to be graduating but i'm looking forward to all of the things he'll get to do and experience this year being a senior; starting with the first Varsity football game on Friday at Ravenna!! I love to watch High School football games and it's even better when your brother is on the team! I've been anticipating fall this week and all of the smells and sights and sounds that those days entail and it really gets me excited. i love to see the colors change from green to bright red or orange and to feel the cool breeze of the season that gives you a hint of refreshment as you wrap up in your big fluffy sweater and jeans and sit on your front poarch sipping hot apple cider and carving out a big pumpkin.... Ahh shall i say more?

Nonetheless, i am anticipating a new school year, a new season and new lessons to be learned.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Marriage and the whole crazy thing

The planning is done, the candles have been burned out, the flowers have withered, the honeymoon has come and gone.... Sometimes you wonder why you go to all the trouble to bring something together and then everything is done and you realize why you went to all that trouble... it's beautiful. I can't wear a big princess dress every day and have my dad walk me down the aisle to hand me off to my husband to be, i can't go on week long trips to mexico every week, and i cannot have big beautiful parties on golf courses with all of my friends and family every evening, though all of these things cannot happen everyday they are beautiful memories that will never fade with time. I had such a carefree day on July 14th, there was nothing to stress about and nothing to fear because our God is greater than details and desasters, He is also greater than us. Though Jared and I are but one man and one woman, we are one in Jesus Christ and with His never ending help we will endure the challenges of life and press on toward the Goal. We have been encouraged through the Psalms this week.Specifically, Psalm 91:14-15 it states:

14 "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. 15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.

Because our beautiful day of marriage is over and life has set in there will be days when not so beautiful things will arise but through the great grace of our God we have a hope that will sustain us through the deepest of waters. when we know him, love him, and call on him daily we can rest assure that He will see us through. Even in the Jungle of Tulum i was reminded of this grace. Why fear a zip line that stands 40 feet above the jungle floor and cenotes that hold fresh water that gets up to 60 feet deep, or snorkling through a cave that is barely big enough to breath in... Our God is with us through all of the jungles of life and i found that when we let him take us through those, the journey is the most amazing thing. Jared and I had an amazing wedding day. We also had an amazing week in Mexico. But we've found more clearly than ever that we have an amazing God who has allowed us to have this great love; may we never see it differently.

Thanks to all who were a part of our wedding in large or small ways; you have been a blessing to us. Thank you also to those of you who pray for Jared and I; we need you.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sneekin' up like wild flowers

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life just seem to sneek right up on you. For example, in the spring, just about the time you think winter might just be over for the season, you find yourself staring summer in the face with the beauty of a small wild flower. Many days have passed since that night in december when Jared and i made it official that we would one day become Husband and Wife. That day, is 2 days away! It is such a good feeling to know that soon the details will be over, Thank You's will be sealed and sent, Tears will be cried and dried, and the photos will soon seem old. I do not want to rush the day away. I do want to be a wife and i do want to love my husband with the love that only God our Father and supply us with. I long to have life and have it to the fullest. I know that there will be hard days, and very hard days, but i look forward to going through those with my best friend and our God. Throughout the years that i prayed for my unknown husband God laid a piece of scripture on our hearts it is found in Ecclesiastes 4:12; it reads, "... A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." i have recently been so encouraged again by this verse and it's promise that though we are only two people together as we seek God we have the power of that threefold cord to withstand the storms that life will eventually bring. Jared and I appriciate any prayers you may offer for us as we begin our marriage and we look forward to serving together for the Kingdom. The days will be over soon but the love will last forever. Though the wild flower seems to end with the season, it always comes through in the spring. likewise, as love seems to have it's seasons it's life is always there....

Sleep well,
God Bless.
-Christina Lindsey

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hot Breeze and Cool Feet

It's been a slow day and the weather is perfect for it. I went to work at the wrong time this morning thinking i was supposed to be there by 9:30 when actually i don't work until 3:30.. hmmm not sure how i messed that up. Needless to say, i was a little bummed out when i left work this morning; but the day has gone well despite it. I got some things done for the wedding and i've even relaxed a little bit. Thanks God.

This weekend i leave to go camping for a few days with my family in Mesick, MI. Mesick is a little town along the Hodenpyl Dam. Perfect for camping. I'm looking forward to the much needed relief of relaxation and the comforts of camping. Only 19 days until the big day and the details are wrapping up nice. Jared and I have started putting our gifts away in his house and it's funny how little he lived with before all of our wedding showers. My mom asked me yesterday if the house was starting to feel more like mine and in a way it is because i've been putting things together and adding some touches here and there but i don't think it will really feel like mine until i've lived in it for a while. Jared assures me though that it does feel more like a home now that there are things in it. :D

I hope that this blog finds you all well. Enjoy the day!

God Bless and Sleep well,

Christina Lindsey

Monday, June 18, 2007

In The Waiting

" It's in the waiting that we realize that you {God} are in the waiting too." -Shannon Wexelberg

Sometimes we have to wait for things, good things, bad things, all sorts of things. God says He wants us to have life and have it to the fullest. If this is true then why do we have to wait for most things in life? Wouldn't God want to just give it all to us at once; NOW?

Well maybe this is a little Cliché since i'm in the waiting for a large event, my wedding, but i have to say that for the most part my life has been "in the waiting" Wether that be waiting for a test, a medicine to work, a school to accept or decline me, or a wedding day to come God has never stoped teaching me to wait. And i am grateful. Sometimes i want to jump too quickly or say yes too soon. Maybe i'm just plain tired of sitting around for something. Whatever the situation my be at had i have had to learn that waiting is more than just a time for me to learn, it is a chance for me to see the goodness of God so fully and beautifuly. i cannot tell you how many times i've had to cry out to God because i was so tired of waiting and in turn He has shown His faithfulness to me so much greater than i anticipated. My hope during this time of waiting is that those around me can see God's hand leading the waiting and that they could see that it's not by my own strength that i've reached this point but only by God's.

I sat on my porch today just soaking up the hot breeze. I watched as the world around me kept going as i just sat there. But i was accomplishing something too, i was being renewed by God's beauty as i sat. I need that. I need quiet and i need renewal however that comes. God has a way of wispering to us in the midst of chaos that He is there and He will sustain us. May He be glorified.

Never Stop Believing...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beaches, weddings and more...

Here are a few Pictures from my travels in the last few weeks. I went to Hoffmaster State Park with Anna and some of her friends from Grand Valley. It was a great weekend to go camping we had beautiful weather and a great time. The highlight of our camping trip was a boat race that we had with pieces of wood found on the beach and a stream that flowed along side of lake Michigan. It was so much fun. As you can see from the first picture, my boat, casually named WHEAT because it reminded me of Shredded Wheat cereal, did not win the race because it was slightly large compaired to it's competition. Anna's lovely boat, Torpedo or Pedo, won with it's stelth lengthyness and it's ability not to cheat!? :D Right Anna* So to say the least we had a wonderful time out at the lake.
On a different note, Jared and i are gearing up for the wedding with the countdown at 51 days. However, we must say that there is slight jelousy because Pete and Gina are getting married in Two Weeks! Lucky Bums. :D but we anticipate a wonderful wedding and a full life together filled with laughter, fun, tears, joy, sorrow, Faith, and Perseverance. We know that it is only by the grace of our God that we are where we are today and it will only continue to be through His grace that our marriage grows and develops into what it was created to be. As we look forward to that day we would greatly appriciate any prayers offered on our behalf that we would stay focused on Christ's goal and work in our relationship as well as the faith to press on through the hard stuff. I will try to keep this blog updated as much as possible. i know i haven't done a great job of that in the last few months but i will try to do better.
Love and prayers,
" Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us." Isaiah 26:12
Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, it's been a while since i've had a chance to update this thing. So for all of you who were wondering where i've been.... I've been runing around like a chicken with my head cut off! Ahh well mabey not that crazy but it's definately been a whirlwind of emotions and tasks and hoops to jump through. School is almost finished for the summer; only one more week to press through and then i'm home free for a few months! :^) That's thrilling! Jared and i only have 79 days until the wedding!!!!! Everything is going by so fast and i cannot wait until then. But God is good and continues to teach me new things and currently is teaching me a lot about patience and submission. No, not SUBMISSION.... in the bad sense of the word but Submission, The joy of letting someone else lead. There are so many things i still have to learn and of course i will never understand it all this side of heaven but my goals lately have been surrounded by a lot of prayer and the hope for something greater than myself and something bigger than my ideas. It is not easy to submit to others, or even to God, But when we do.... WOW, God blesses us for that and shows us that He indeed has much better plans for us. We have nothing to fear in Chirst! I am thrilled about summer weather, camping, the wedding and the honeymoon, moving and starting a life with Jared. Keep looking up and smile BIG today!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hey! Listen Up!

Here's my dilema lately. I've seen this reflected in my own life and in the lives of some of those around me. This dilema is that i seem to be "Missing" God's work around me. Daily i feel him probing me to do this or say that and even when i think i've done what he wanted me to do, something happens and i feel like i've missed the point. I find myself asking this question, "did i not hear correctly or did i not listen at all?" In my life God has always been very present; very real and tangible to me throughout my days; He still is this to me and i know that he will continue to lead me but what i want is to be a better listener. If, daily, we were seeking him in all that surrounds us weather that be conversations, jobs, opportunities, tasks that weigh heavy on our hearts or a simple "hello" in the parking lot, then we should be seeing His work surround us and be in awe of the intricate detail of His beautiful Will. God desires to use us daily, He is working out His plan all around us and somehow, we forget this. We are too busy and too distracted to see how He is trying to get our attention and say, "help me out with this, i want to use you here."God does NOT need to use us, He is not limited to using us in His perfect plan, no, not at all; He DESIRES to use us and longs for us to be involved in unfolding his beautiful work. We are worth something to Him and we are working along side of Him but we have to be willing to listen for our cue. Let's be listeners and watchers of God's work in action. Life is to busy not to see the beauty around us and the plan that God is leading. Let's Listen Up and Keep our eyes on the task. He's doing big things and we can be a part of it!

Acts 20:24- "Therefore, I consider my life worth nothing to me if only i may finish the race and complete the task that the Lord Jesus Christ has given to us, the task of testifying to the Gospel of God's grace."

Monday, January 29, 2007


By now almost everyone knows that Jared and I are engaged to be married in July. But i think it's only fair to tell everyone else that i didn't get a propper chance to tell. And so i can put pretty pictures up and smile really big while i write. :D

It was a beautiful night with snow falling gently as we walked through the woods to our "log" where we like to sit and pray. I don't have a good picture of that spott but if i did i would definately post it. It's beautiful. There was a prayer and then a proposal. He got on his knee in the snow and all. I, of course, said yes and cried and laughed and wanted to tell the entire world of my joy. Then we prayed again, thanking God for all the wonderful things that He's done for us, both in our lives before we were together and then for how he worked to bring us to this point. It's not of us but of Him and that's the goal of our relationship, engagement and eventually our marriage. We want to glorify and serve God, Period. Thats why God brought us together and why he's brought us to this point and we are so greatful and looking forward to where He will continue to work in us as individuals and as a couple. God is good and He is faithful to hear our prayers.

Here are a few pics for you to look at... I just put them up because it reminds me of where i've been and where God has brought us.