Monday, November 05, 2007

This Just In...

Ok, i confess, i've forgotten about my blog for a few weeks and i've neglected to update all of my faithful readers on the new and ever exciting life of Chirstina Winell.... Ha ha well maybe not so exciting.

Mid-terms have come and gone and it seems impossible that the first semester of the new school year is coming to an end very soon. I am anticipating a good finish to the semester and i look forward to the winter events. TODAY marks the first day of Abbica, which for all of you who do not know, that is the beginning of the week of Abby Winell's birthday. Her birthday is 11/11 and we always celebrate throughout the week. This year's theme is Alice in Wonder land and it is always a party with Abby. We will officially celebrate Abbica on Sunday with cake, streamers, a tea Party and the works. Should be a blast.
On another note.... Jared got his first buck last week in the bow season. Actually he got TWO bucks so needless to say he was pretty excited and we have enough venison to feed a family of five for a year. I think we'll survive the winter months over here in sparta.
I am still working at Kregel Parable Christian Stores on the East Beltline and Christmas has come to Kregels this week we had our Christmas Open House on Saturday complete with Christmas music, Spiced Apple Cider, Cookies, and Christmas decorations. It was really fun and it gets me in the mood to have Christmas. Although Work gets a little nuts around Christmas time it is a whole lot of fun and i look forward to all of the festivities.

An update on Jared's Grandma, Arline Winell, she's still at St. Mary's rehabilitation center on 4 mile off of Alpine and she's doing very well. Her mobility is up and the pain is down. She has a mild case of Pneumonia and has been using a nebulizer and is not feeling poorly. She is looking forward to coming home and bugs her nurses to talk to those docotors and get her out of there all the time. She's a riot and i don't believe anything can ruin her spirit of joy and contentment. We all can learn something from her.

Blessings to you all as we kick off another week!
Christina Winell

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  1. Just stopped to see G-ma are right she does have a great spirit! She also did mention she was trying to get out of there! Maybe hitch-hike home??...