Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Just a job update :)

Things are going really well with the new job. I have a fantastic trainer (Thanks Lynn!) and she has been guiding me through the whole process and it has been such a joy. Yesterday I was on my own and while it was a little intimidating I felt good about it. Today was more training/shadowing so tomorrow will be even better! Thanks to all who have been praying for me during this transition. I am already loving the consistency of my schedule and the time it allows me to be home versus traveling far to work. It is a great schedule that gets me up and out of the house in the morning and then allows me to be home in the afternoon to get things done around here. I'll even have more time for things like P90x now...Hmmmm not sure I want that! :D " You love it, but you hate it" is the only way to describe that workout!

That's all for today. Hope you all are well!


Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pioneer Woman & Spring Changes

Hello faithful readers...

It's spring! I am like a kid in a candy store! There have been a few changes taking place this spring starting with a new job. I haven't started yet so I don't have very much to tell you about it but I can tell you I will be working as the Housing Assistant at Harvest Way in Sparta. Harvest Way is apartment housing for elderly adults. I am excited about this change since it is so close to home and I will be working with the elderly, which I enjoy, and I will get to use my clerical skills. I will say though, that I will miss my friends at Kregel's who have been like a small family to me. I will also miss seeing those customers that I have gotten to know over the years not just as customers but as friends. So this is a bittersweet change.

Another change is that I have finally discovered the Pioneer Woman cookbook! And I'm in love...with the food that is! :D I enjoy a lot of things about this great cookbook. For starters, I appreciate very much the pictures!! I know there are many women out there that can have a list of ingredients in front of them without the measurements or any instructions and they just 'know' what to do with it all....NOT me. I need visuals. I love cooking and especially with fresh ingredients from my own garden but I still love to have a visual experience as I cook so I know it's coming out right. I also love all the ranch pictures and stories throughout. Overall, I would recommend this cookbook. Makes a great gift too. I received it as a birthday gift from my sister in-law and I just gave one away to my sister for her birthday!

So as we head into my favorite time of year I am looking forward to planting season. Jared and I will again have 2 gardens in addition to our chickens and hoping for another great growing season! I'm also working on Jared to get me a dog....;) I KNOW they are work but since I will be working so close to home now this would be a very welcome addition to our household. At least I think so....He'll come around sooner or later!

That's all for now.

Blessings, Sleep well!