Tuesday, June 09, 2015

All In a Month's Time

We've seriously packed so much in the span between the beginning of May to the beginning of June and have been having such a blast enjoying the summer days already! Here are some glimpses into what we've been up to::

May started off COLD. Michigan...
And then the next day it was warm! Anders: "KeEMEeEE!!! Come see daddy HUGE WOODS!" :D

We finally had a really nice warm streak and soaked it up with sprinkler and all!

Raising chickens, turkeys, goats and in general playing on the farm has filled our days with fun and smiles!

Our visit to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park in Alto, MI today was an absolute blast and I would highly recommend it. They have so many animals to see and touch and then some all surrounded by beautiful countryside to boot. The kids absolutely loved it and we will for sure be back.