Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hi there! This post is being written by me, Kasey, Christina's (awesome) sister! I've been bugging Christina to get a post up about the (almost done) nursery. I guess feeding, changing, bathing, wiping, cleaning, feeding, changing...oh wait, I'm now repeating, is getting in the way of all her free time (say what?) Ya, not much free time means I get to post! I'm a blogger wanna-be so hope you enjoy reading as much as I am LOVING writing this PLUS you get to see updates on the Winell Ranch YAY!!

Ok...remember the before pics??

This is one from WAY before...back when it was not owned by them yet. Isn't that bedframe cool?! I love it.

ok...back to the topic at hand. Here is the room down to the studs. All the wood was taken off the walls. The door to the closet was repositioned a little. New windows were installed. New light fixtures were put in. Drywall was hung (my hunky husband helped with that). Drywall was finished by the drywall finishing awesome dad that we have. Painting was done by the dad of the year, the Jer-dog (don't tell him, I called him that haha!) Last but not least, furniture was moved in and decor is still being figured so progress on that will have to be on another day!

New Pella windows! Looking like something is being done huh?!

 Thanks to the beauty of the blog, we now fast forward to today! Lots of time and work went into this room but now those two sweet peanuts sleep in this beautiful space.

The cribs and mattresses both came from Pottery Barn Kids and the rugs are from Loew's.
 The room decor is white furniture with greens, and browns and pops of orange. Once Christina find a little bit of spare time to figure out what will go on the walls she'll have to update you with pictures but at this point we have bare walls. But I still think it is a pretty cool room. I wouldn't mind laying my head down in here!

The chair is the the newest addition to the room...aren't you just dying to sit in it? I assure you, it is just as comfy as it looks! Every new mom needs an amazing chair to rock her peanuts to sleep in.

Here is the view into the closet. The shelves and dresser are from Ikea.

Daddy had a moment of DIY and painted that cute little stand. It used to be a honey wood color and now fits in the room perfect with its fresh coat of white! Future decor to be placed upon the shelves but for now holds the trusty humidifier.

A close up of the inside of the closet. Getting a pretty good collection of books in there too!

The clothing rods have yet to be hung but soon will be up and all the clothes find homes in that huge beautiful closet!

 In case you is a close up of the HOMEMADE quilts, made with love, by Jared's mom, Sandy. Christina picked out the fabric and Sandy used her magic and sewing skills and whipped up these two beauties. Pretty awesome huh?! I need some skills like that!

Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I was enjoying writing this post for you! Don't you love their room?! Until next time! Hope you are enjoying this BEAUTIFUL DAY!!  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

5 Months!

Ahh! Finally a chance to sit down and write. These times are so few and far between these days that I really want to soak it up and enjoy it. We had an internet malfunction in a storm 2 weeks ago; our POE was hit by lightning and we have been trying to get our internet company out here to fix it ever since....needless to say they came up with every excuse not to come out to the house but finally got annoyed enough with us to send someone out here and it was a 10 minute fix. Grr. I have to practice patience. In the meantime I have been reading during times when I normally would find myself mindlessly surfing Pinterest or Facebook so in a way this little 'inconvenience' has taught me again that I need to slow down and unplug more often.

The babies will be 5 months old tomorrow. Wow, how did that happen!? So many things are starting to get exciting and they are discovering the world around them every day. I don't have a weight update for you. We don't go back to the Dr. until next month so we will see then how big these kiddos are getting.

Anders is just huge. :) He is all boy and very thick. He enjoys playing on the floor and grabbing on to things, rolling over to his tummy and doing 'push ups', sucking his thumb, looking out the window and watching the birds, and eating. This kid is ready to be a big boy!
Joline is still our little peanut. Other than this photo (taken when she was tired) she is normally a very smilie girl. She loves to play on the floor, look out the window at birds, 'read' books with mommy, flirt with daddy, and eat. This little lady is so much fun and knows how to balance out her more outgoing brother. :)

The babies have done really well learning to eat cereal and veggies with spoons. This week I am going to try to adjust their schedule to a breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime bottle with spoon feedings worked in there too. We'll see how it goes. :) 

The babies are starting to fuss now and I'm regretting spending this time typing. I should have been doing something productive or taking a nap...Oh well. Maybe next nap time will be better. Funny how at the beginning of this post all I wanted to do was type and now all I want is a nap. :) Ahh the life of motherhood. Signing off for now but I will try to post more often in the future. 

God Bless, 

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

"Modern Thinkers"

Just wanted to share this thought today in the midst of cultural storms...

"What is most interesting and most telling of all is that while the modern thinkers criticize tradition and Church teaching, they cannot stand being criticized themselves. While they preach tolerance, they are intolerant of any who would dare to disagree with them. Chesterton observes, "Modern thinkers are just like frogs: they are at once jumpy and cold, and they always croak with a curious discordance." So, we need not be discouraged or even distracted by all the strange new ideas that come along and the bold new theories that claim to be better than the truths that have been carefully passed from one generation to the other throughout the history of the Church."

- The Complete Thinker (a book on G.K. Chesterton)