Sunday, May 17, 2015

This Temporary Home

Spring has been busy here as we plant, grow, raise, and tame this plot of Earth we've been blessed with. Maybe it's the fact that our Children are {almost} 2 1/2 or maybe it's my completion of PT (so now I have muscles right!? ;)) either way this is the first spring that we've lived here that I feel strong enough to participate in this wonderful season. Oh boy does that make me so so grateful! You see, this house and this land is a treasure that my family and I love very deeply and everything we do here is just a reflection of what we are eagerly awaiting in the presence of Christ. Here is a glimps of what we've been doing around The Ranch these days. It is my prayer in sharing this with you that you would have a moment to be still and see God in the details of your own life, both in the intricate and the grandiose ways. 

Sleep well,