Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today Jared and I got really messy!! The Kitchen project is under full operation and it's a messy one. We started stripping and sanding the cupboards today inside and out and unfortunately it wasn't as easy as the doors were. There was one coat of paint and then one coat of primer... we think... but the primer was so goopy when we put the stripper on it was like trying to take wet paint off the cupboards. YUCK! Hopefully tomorrow will go better. I know this is the hard part and once we get fresh paint on We'll both feel better. I can't wait. Hard work will pay off I'm sure. :D

God Bless, Sleep Tight.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kitchen Project!

It's been almost a year of marriage for Jared and I and it's been a wonderful learning experience, full of love and grace and laughter and peace. It hasn't been all roses though.... like my kitchen for example. :D We live in a house that was built in the 1950's and our kitchen is in desparate need of some updating. The gray cupbords and white walls just aren't doing it for me anymore. I know we are supposed to be satisfied with what we are given and I am but I do think a little improvements could be made so we're giving the ol' girl a face lift. New flooring, new countertop, and fresh coats of paint all around are in order. Our living room is full of kitchen stuff, our garage is full of cupboards being stripped and sanded and our kitchen is bare aside from the appliances and some dust. I'm excited to do this project with Jared and no he's not doing it all on his own, I don't want to miss out on all the fun! If you didn't know I have a love for construction and hardware stores. I think it runs in the family.... maybe on my dad's side or something...? :D But really I love doing projects with Jared and we're very excited to see how it will turn out!

I know I haven't posted any pictures since the wedding and that's simply because they are all still on the camera But We'll take pictures of the project and I'll post as soon as I can with pictures from the last year and our kitchen. :D Thanks for being patient Joanne!

God Bless, Sleep Tight

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finding My Way To Rest

When I say rest I'm not talking about sleeping. I'm talking about that kind of rest that fills your soul with good things while rejuvinating your mind body and spirit. Sounds a little like Yoga huh?? Well, not quite. The kind of rest I've been in search of is puposeful solitude that is absolutely God infused. I believe that when God created and demostrated the Sabbath for us he was not commanding something "just because" or to try and limit us He was giving us a gift. Yes the Sabbath means no work but it is so much more than that. It means re-fueling our lives with God moments and allowing us to focus without interuptions or distractions; even in our thoughts and prayers we have distractions. Sabbath rest was not just for the Jews it is for all of us. We are all human and we all are limited. Without taking a sabbath rest or finding solitude with God we are limiting our capabilities to do great things for God and we are deliberately saying, "no God, I think I'll be just fine if I run on Empty for a while..." We have all felt stressed and tired out sometimes but we think if we just press on we'll get to the other side of it and then everything will be good. Eventually pressing on catches up with us and we sit confused at our desiers and wonder how we got to a place so empty and lonely even in the midst of busyness, things, people, appointments, lunch dates, and coffee shops. Solitude invites us to "Be Still..." it invites us to be quiet and turn off our thinkers, it pushes out all interuptions and allows God to speak to our hearts and at the core of our souls we find who He really desires us to be. Solitude can free us to let God answer the questions we've been asking and it can free us to act in ways that God desires to see us act. BUT that's not all, it gives us the strength to do what we were made to do and do it for God's glory. These are just some of the things I've been learning on my search for rest.
Well, I'm no expert on this subject, in fact, I'm really just starting to learn about how to find solitude and real rest with God. I have a hard time shutting my thoughts off and allowing God to guide my time with him and I also have a real problem with scheduling my day so that at least once a week I can get away with God. I would love to say that I practice solitude every day; maybe that's why I've been learning about it but I can't say that I do practice it even once a week. Maybe you'll take this journey with me and practice solitude with me. Maybe we'll both find the rest we were made to have.
What I've been reading about rest: "Sacred Rhythms" by: Ruth Hailey Barton
Thanks for letting me ramble