Saturday, August 02, 2008

Getting To The Finish Line

Well, after about two months of hard work, sweat, lack of sleep, dust, and details our kitchen project is finally feeling like it's wrapping up. Jared put down the Laminate wood flooring today in both the kitchen and dinning room and it looks great! The cupboards all have one coat of deep chocolate brown (Benjamin Moore's "Barrista" from the Aura Line) and the walls all have at least the first coat of their new, much brighter, colors from BMoore. We bought a dishwasher and plan to make another counter for that to sit in and the stove will then also have a new counter surrounding it whereas before it was just sitting against the wall. Much better!! I'm really excited to see how everything is turning out and it's really kind of fun to work together on our house. Don't worry though I don't think we'll be making a habit out of re-doing things in the house. This has been a long project. If we do though of course I'll let you know. :D The project should be totally wrapped up just in time to invite my new niece or nephew into the world! Perfect new kitchen for the baby to play safely in and around. Additions to the family are so much fun! I'll keep you posted about that too... Hope you all are well.

Sleep Well, God Bless,