Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Fall has come how refreshing it is. The leaves changing colors and the breeze having that slight hint of winter in it. Life seems to change like that too. Always moving on to something new something different taking the same shape as it always has and yet having a difference about it. We are constantly changing and having to give up something in order to have the new come. Sometimes the giving up of the old is hard but the new is about to step in and we never know what it might bring. Either joy or pain. Just like the seasons. Winter can bring blistering cold and winds that never seem to give relief and then just as we are ready to say goodbye to winter we have summer's heat blasting us day after day so much so that we are drowsy from humidity and drenched with sweat. But in winter we have the heat of a fire or the warmth of a cup of coffee with friends, a blanket and a book on a snowed in day, and slippers....ahh slippers. Then in summer we have the warm wind that refreshes us on the hottest of days, the green and the vibrant colors of the flowers to remind us what color is truly meant to look like, and the taste of fresh picked cherry tomatoes right off the vine still warm from the sun. Life is full of uncertainty but we can be certain that God knows what he's doing and that we can be "joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12 His plans are good if we will only stop to look for them, be thankful in all things, and trust that even pain is repurposed by God to produce good.