Thursday, December 18, 2014

TWO! (November Recap)

Happy Happy! 

November was a great month with birthday celebrations for Jared's sister and our Twins. Here are a few snapshots of those good times! 

Love piƱatas! Aunt Abby always has the best crafty fun things for parties! 

Balloons balloons everywhere. Seriously I think you could just give 2 year olds balloons and no gifts and they would be happy! :D 

 Cousin Chase sporting the cowboy hat and pantless look! What a cutie pie! 

Look at that form on Joline blowing out those candles! :D 

I think Anders was seriously bummed that his candles were not lit anymore! ;D  

I can hardly believe we have 2 year olds! Here's to the past 2 years with a look back at where we've been and where we are now! 

There were the years of waiting. Just the two of us. Sweet and salty those years of infertility were-how we grew and learned and continue to learn from it today. *Photo by Stacie B Photography
And then this. Ahh I loved every minute. *Photo by Stacie B Photography

Joline Alyse 6lbs 12oz Baby A
Anders James 7lbs 2oz Baby B

So many snuggles! *Photo by Kety Studios
And a little hostility... :D She's a feisty one! 
ONE!! *Photo by Vision of Beauty Photography

Here we are today (well a few months ago now):D *Photo by Vision of Beauty Photography 

Anders is a ball of energy with so many smiles and hugs! His interests today are: 
*Anything to do with music and singing
*Helping daddy with chores outside. This boy could live outside if we allowed it! 
*Loves dipping carrots into salad dressing and eating all kinds of dried fruits for snacks. 
*Driving his bicycle in the basement-practice for summer! 

Joline is sweet and soft spoken. Her interests today are: 
*Coloring, coloring and more coloring!! The girl loves her crayons and paper! 
*Taking walks with Mokka, (our labrador) she loves to watch her run! 
*Playing "Supper" with her kitchen set. We make multiple meals a day! Is it telling that your daughter makes you coffee first? (she knows my love language) :D
*Hummus. She would eat it by the carton full if we let her.