Monday, August 08, 2011

Random sketches

Getting back at the sewing thing is not as easy as I might have thought. During summer, sewing seems to be the last thing you think about doing simply because it's warm out and who want to spend an afternoon cooped up in a tiny room sewing? Well, it's still summer but my quilt project is calling my name. So I must try. It's really a pretty quilt with a flying geese pattern made out of mismatched pieces of fabric. I started the project back when my sister first announced she was pregnant for their 2nd baby, thinking, 'if it's a girl, this will be a cute little gift.' Well, my niece has been here for a month already and her quilt isn't ready....what a bad aunt I am. I got distracted and lazy and the project got pushed to the side. Since I bought my sewing machine back in January I am ashamed to say I have not used it very much. But I really do want to learn this skill. So if I want to learn how to sew well, I'm going to have to actually use my machine and not be afraid to make mistakes. After all, quilts with mistakes in them add character. Even the Amish quilters always put at least 1 mistake in their quilts. :)

On another note, our gardening has already paid off this year. So far we've harvested 18 pints of pickled banana peppers, 3 pints of pickled jalapeno peppers (For JW, I'm too much of a sissy for that!) lots of lettuce, sweet peas and green beans, and soon we'll have an abundant harvest of tomatoes to can. Yeah! With some added plants to my landscaping outside and finally planting grass seed where we took some trees out 3 years ago our small yard is looking cozy and homey. I so appreciate my husband's diligence in the yard work, and gardening is becoming something that I thoroughly enjoy helping him with every summer!

Here's what we're reading now:
  • JW just finished "The Land Between" by Jeff Manion (Pastor of Ada Bible Church) and is going to start the book "Radical" by David Platt
  • I'm reading "Adopted For Life" by Russell Moore. This book discusses the biblical view of adoption not only in the traditional sense of the phrase of adopting children who all deserve loving homes but it also discusses adoption from the view point of our adoption as sons and daughters of God and Christ's adoption by Joseph and how we as the church should respond to adoption and cultivate a culture of adoption not out of 'charity' but out of a response to see where our Father God is working and join him in that work. I'm not finished yet, actually I'm only on chapter 4 but it's transformational in the way we view adoption and our own adoption into the family of God. I will give a complete review once I'm done.
  • On my list to read is "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. My stance on books that are made into movies is to see the movie first because if I read the book first then I will be so critical of the movie and what they get 'wrong' that I won't be able to enjoy the movie. So I always see the movie first and then read the book so I will like both. (I usually still like the book better but I can at least enjoy the movie without tearing it apart while I watch it.) :)
That's all for now, on to my sewing....
God bless, sleep well,