Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today marks 1 week in the hospital and we are so thankful that we haven't delivered yet! Friday will mark 33 weeks gestation and we will certainly celebrate that too! The Dr.'s at this point are going to keep me here until 34 weeks, after that we will have another growth ultrasound and evaluate if its safe enough for me to go home on continued bed rest until we deliver. After the 34 week mark if I go back into labor it's not likely that they will try to stop it, depending on how quickly things progress.

Jared and I are so thankful for the prayers and support we are receiving; we cannot say thank you enough.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week 32

Well, week 31 ended with a bang. A taste of real labor that is... :(

We went in to the Dr.'s on Wed. evening for a routine check that revealed that I was dilated to 2 so from there we were sent to the hospital to receive another round of steroids for the babies' lungs. The plan was to get the shots and go home but before they could start anything I started contracting 5 min. apart with back labor and the worst pain I've ever felt. That led them to start a medicine called Magnesium Sulfate to stop labor. This is a pretty intense med and while it did work it was a long hour or so of labor before things started to subside. The babies got their steroid shots which will greatly help them in case of an early delivery and they have been monitoring me since then to make sure I don't start to go into labor again. Last night they took me off the magnesium and are now trying to see if a single oral med is enough to keep labor from starting. We are still praying for that 35 week mark to be here before the babies come but we are in the right place if we don't get that far. I am ok with staying in the hospital if that's what it takes to get us there. Friends and family have been keeping us company and taking great care of us too; Jared and I are so thankful for them! So for now we will wait and see what happens. I will keep this updated as much as I can. Thank you for the prayers and support, we are so thankful!!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 30

Well we made it through week 30 and now on to week 31! It seems so much nicer to say 30 weeks than it did to say 29...something about it feels like progress. Week 30 was a good week. It started with another beautiful shower given to me by my mother in-law, sister in-law, Aunt Cathy and Nana. This was a family shower and we had a lot of fun. It was a brunch shower with yogurt parfaits, breads and fruit. Abby made beautiful cakes and decorated in a cute woodsy theme. We received such beautiful gifts; these babies sure are loved! Here are a couple of pics from the shower...

This last one is the 30 week belly shot. :)

The rest of the week went well; nothing out of the ordinary. Just staying down as much as possible. Yesterday Jared surprised me and invited some of our good friends over. It was a great surprise! Today has been nice so far; quiet and productive for Jared. He's preparing the yard for winter and getting our pond cleaned out and covered. It's hard to believe that soon it will be snowing. Since I've spent most of Fall inside I'm kind of bummed about winter because I still won't be able to get out much after the babies come. So here's hoping for a light winter again like last year, but I somehow doubt that is what we'll get.

Here's to week 31 and another week closer to our goal!


Saturday, October 06, 2012

Watch me grow!

Week 29

Here we are at 29 weeks gestation and I am finally giving you all some belly shots! These are not my favorite but I know I will want to look back at them someday so I will share some with you. My sister and my Mom made me a paper chain when I came home from the hospital and every Friday, when I switch to a new gestation week, we have been taking a belly shot as I get to take a link off my chain. They so creatively have planned a surprise for me each week to help the time go by fast and to keep my spirits up. It's totally working and I'm so thankful for all that they've done for me. Not sure why but I don't have a 25 week picture on my camera so we will start from 26 weeks. Here you go!
26 Weeks

27 Weeks
28 Weeks
29 Weeks
And this is today, we built the first fire of the season in the fire place. :) Cozy way to be on bed rest! 

So you can't really tell from these pictures I guess but there has been a lot of growing going on in there. The babies are between 2 & 3 pounds now and their mama is growing more and more uncomfortable by the day! :) That's the name of the game! We have 6 weeks to go before we get to our goal of 35 weeks gestation. I have already been on bed rest for 5 weeks so I know I can do it! It will be hard for sure but we don't want to take any chances with these little bundles coming too early. They are well past the point of viability now but that still doesn't make it safe. I want to get past that 35 week mark so we can come home with big healthy babies and not spend any time in the NICU. Thank you so much for all the prayers! 

I will post later this week a nursery update. We're coming right along now and I have some before pictures to show you. Hopefully, in the next few days we will make even more progress and I'll have some more pictures to show you! 

God bless!