Thursday, November 17, 2011

'Tis The Season

The end of fall/early winter means fresh venison, lots of carrot and potato dishes, pumpkin spice lattes, goulash, cozy blankets and a good book and putting your feet up after a long summer. Our summer harvest has paid off again in more ways than one. This year, for Thanksgiving I am thankful for many things, one of which being my friends and family who have taught me many 'tricks of the trade' in homemaking, gardening, canning/preserving, and cooking. This fall I have found myself totally enjoying these things and the satisfaction that comes from them. I love that my husband enjoys the land as much (if not more!) than I do. It's so rewarding to do these things together as a team and then to sit down to a meal that is almost completely home grown/harvested. It makes me want to do crazy things like make my own butter next so it will be completely home grown! :) I don't know that that will ever happen but it would be cool! So thank you to those who have shared their tips/recipes/ideas with me because they are like little gems that will last a lifetime. And for getting me hooked on Pinterest! :) And if you're not already doing some of these things but maybe you'd like to, don't be afraid to just start somewhere. Bake a pie with store bought filling & crust, create a mini garden, try a new twist on an old favorite, learn how to fish (even ice fishing maybe!?)...that's all I did and every day I learn new things!

On another note....I'm afraid to tell you that I've been in somewhat of a stall as far as my book list goes. I don't know if I've been distracted or what but I haven't picked up a new book in WAY too long. So my goal is to pick up another book during Thanksgiving week and I shall report on how that goes in another post! :)

Until then...

God Bless, Sleep well