Friday, January 06, 2006

J-Term and a whole lot more

This week is J-term at Cornerstone and i'm studying Geography of the Northwest. Canada and the US that is. It's interesting and i have a great teacher so all is well. J-term is an extra ten day course that i can take between my fall and spring semesters. Lucky me eh?!
I wanted to update you guys on some pictures of mine: This my friends is Jamie, Jamie was in my group at camp this year and was a pistol, she was so much fun to get to know because she didn't want to get to know anyone... however, when we gave her space and just simply loved her, she opened up and she is a beautiful woman of God.

This is me, Kyle J., Gabrielle S., and Adan... Adan is a very special little boy that i met this summer while i was on a mission trip in Chicago. He was a beautiful example of faith to me and God reminded me that i need to remember that "child like" faith i had forgotten through the years. Faith is huge but that doesn't mean it's complex, it's beautiful trust in Jesus Christ and God's amazing will.