Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Life Lately...

Here's a snippet of our life around here lately. Enjoy! 
Miss Jo... Getting WAY too big for her britches and certainly too big for mama's liking. :>) Full of personality that one is. 

Big A... Little hairy man at heart. He's already got the whole "get your mismatched clothes on run out the door as fast as you can to see your chickens while dad is busy with sister" drill down pat! 

Spring has sprung here and with it we're in planting season. Every good farmer has to put up an old dog kennel to keep chickens out of his strawberries right? :>) 
Yay! it's finally warm enough to wear spring dresses!! 

The big project around the ranch right now is building a fenced in area for goats and our garden. The posts are in, next we (and by we I mean Jared and his Dad ;)) will stretch the fence and divide the area into two sections. One for the goats and one for garden. Every year or so we will alternate the garden to the other side so that proper fertilization can occur. 

The goats came by for a home visit this past weekend while I was away in Chicago. Jared said the kids loved seeing them and they even got to share the experience with their cousins Fitz & Zuri. The goats are just down the road right now with their mama still for a couple more weeks so I will keep you posted when we get them. Such cuties!

Underpants!!!! Eek I don't know that I really prepared myself for this time in our lives but here we are. The twins are 2 1/2 now and I thought it was a good time to go for it. So far we have a few accidents here and there (boy am I thankful we have mostly wood floors in our house) but for the most part we are getting by pretty well.
I was able to go to Chicago with a few of our Jr.'s & Sr.'s from church this past weekend to visit Moody Bible Institute and explore the city. This is my 10th year working in the youth ministry but I have missed this trip the last 3 years so it was good to go again and see these kids enjoy their time and learn more about MBI. 

Tata for now my friends,