Monday, September 08, 2014

The House Project Continued...

I can't seem to get my posts right these days for the reveal of our final siding project; probably something to do with our slow internet connection and too many pictures. I've decided to leave it to my always crafty and blog savvy sister at 
The Raw House Project blog to give readers the final pics of our residing project. It will go up in a couple of weeks when she does her next "House Crashers" post so be looking for that. 

I'll just wrap it up quick here by reiterating once again that Jared and I were overly satisfied with the work that 
I & D Home Construction did on our home. Ivan and Andy Woodard are grade A guys both personally and in business! We were again and again impressed by their thoughtfulness in completing the project both with detail and craftsmanship as well as being timely. Even though it's taken me a while to put out posts about the progress, the project itself only too just over 3 weeks from start to finish for I & D. 

Here's a sneak peak! 

Before: Log Cabin with deck on back

After! No more deck on back and new Craftsman style exterior including a new front porch. 

All I can say is we are so thankful for this project's completion and all the hands who helped in it! We are truly grateful that we could accomplish this task before winter arrived as it was a structural need-not just cosmetic. :D