Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pioneer Woman & Spring Changes

Hello faithful readers...

It's spring! I am like a kid in a candy store! There have been a few changes taking place this spring starting with a new job. I haven't started yet so I don't have very much to tell you about it but I can tell you I will be working as the Housing Assistant at Harvest Way in Sparta. Harvest Way is apartment housing for elderly adults. I am excited about this change since it is so close to home and I will be working with the elderly, which I enjoy, and I will get to use my clerical skills. I will say though, that I will miss my friends at Kregel's who have been like a small family to me. I will also miss seeing those customers that I have gotten to know over the years not just as customers but as friends. So this is a bittersweet change.

Another change is that I have finally discovered the Pioneer Woman cookbook! And I'm in love...with the food that is! :D I enjoy a lot of things about this great cookbook. For starters, I appreciate very much the pictures!! I know there are many women out there that can have a list of ingredients in front of them without the measurements or any instructions and they just 'know' what to do with it all....NOT me. I need visuals. I love cooking and especially with fresh ingredients from my own garden but I still love to have a visual experience as I cook so I know it's coming out right. I also love all the ranch pictures and stories throughout. Overall, I would recommend this cookbook. Makes a great gift too. I received it as a birthday gift from my sister in-law and I just gave one away to my sister for her birthday!

So as we head into my favorite time of year I am looking forward to planting season. Jared and I will again have 2 gardens in addition to our chickens and hoping for another great growing season! I'm also working on Jared to get me a dog....;) I KNOW they are work but since I will be working so close to home now this would be a very welcome addition to our household. At least I think so....He'll come around sooner or later!

That's all for now.

Blessings, Sleep well!

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