Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Just a job update :)

Things are going really well with the new job. I have a fantastic trainer (Thanks Lynn!) and she has been guiding me through the whole process and it has been such a joy. Yesterday I was on my own and while it was a little intimidating I felt good about it. Today was more training/shadowing so tomorrow will be even better! Thanks to all who have been praying for me during this transition. I am already loving the consistency of my schedule and the time it allows me to be home versus traveling far to work. It is a great schedule that gets me up and out of the house in the morning and then allows me to be home in the afternoon to get things done around here. I'll even have more time for things like P90x now...Hmmmm not sure I want that! :D " You love it, but you hate it" is the only way to describe that workout!

That's all for today. Hope you all are well!


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