Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All New

It's been over a month since Jared and I got married and all is going well. We're starting to get a normal rutine down for the week. Groceries on monday (or Tuesday in this weeks case) laundry on wednesday and sunday. Jr. High youth group on Wednesday nights, and so forth and so on.... But soon we'll have to get into another rutine because i go back to school on Monday! Normally i wouldn't be so excited to go back. But i've set some realistic goals for myself this semester and i'm looking forward to working hard and doing well. I'm not a bad student or anything it's just that school gets slow sometimes and you wonder if you'll ever finish. The end is in sight and I want to go out finishing well. Chaille comes home from camp this week!!! I'm super excited to see her and spend some time with her! I spent the afternoon with my mom yesterday and we had a lot of fun. i miss her very much these days and though i see her on and off throughout the week it's just different not living with her. It's a good different but i still miss her. My "little" brother Jacob is going to be a senior this year at Kent City and i'm so excited for him. It's so strange to think that i've already been out of school long enough for him to be graduating but i'm looking forward to all of the things he'll get to do and experience this year being a senior; starting with the first Varsity football game on Friday at Ravenna!! I love to watch High School football games and it's even better when your brother is on the team! I've been anticipating fall this week and all of the smells and sights and sounds that those days entail and it really gets me excited. i love to see the colors change from green to bright red or orange and to feel the cool breeze of the season that gives you a hint of refreshment as you wrap up in your big fluffy sweater and jeans and sit on your front poarch sipping hot apple cider and carving out a big pumpkin.... Ahh shall i say more?

Nonetheless, i am anticipating a new school year, a new season and new lessons to be learned.


  1. Great to read that you and Jared are having so much fun starting your life together. You guys make such a great couple...so glad you found each other!


  2. Aah! I'm so glad you share my affinity for the fall. Just last night I reminded Jon that soon and very soon we will be able to carve pumpkins... suffice it to say he wasn't quite as excited as I...

    Of course, down here, it's hard to experience those sights and smells of fall, what with it being in the upper 90s STILL...

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear you and Jared are doing so well! Have a happy fall! :)