Monday, June 18, 2007

In The Waiting

" It's in the waiting that we realize that you {God} are in the waiting too." -Shannon Wexelberg

Sometimes we have to wait for things, good things, bad things, all sorts of things. God says He wants us to have life and have it to the fullest. If this is true then why do we have to wait for most things in life? Wouldn't God want to just give it all to us at once; NOW?

Well maybe this is a little Cliché since i'm in the waiting for a large event, my wedding, but i have to say that for the most part my life has been "in the waiting" Wether that be waiting for a test, a medicine to work, a school to accept or decline me, or a wedding day to come God has never stoped teaching me to wait. And i am grateful. Sometimes i want to jump too quickly or say yes too soon. Maybe i'm just plain tired of sitting around for something. Whatever the situation my be at had i have had to learn that waiting is more than just a time for me to learn, it is a chance for me to see the goodness of God so fully and beautifuly. i cannot tell you how many times i've had to cry out to God because i was so tired of waiting and in turn He has shown His faithfulness to me so much greater than i anticipated. My hope during this time of waiting is that those around me can see God's hand leading the waiting and that they could see that it's not by my own strength that i've reached this point but only by God's.

I sat on my porch today just soaking up the hot breeze. I watched as the world around me kept going as i just sat there. But i was accomplishing something too, i was being renewed by God's beauty as i sat. I need that. I need quiet and i need renewal however that comes. God has a way of wispering to us in the midst of chaos that He is there and He will sustain us. May He be glorified.

Never Stop Believing...


  1. Ahh...Waiting. Oh how difficult this can be. It isn't the "waiting" that is the hard part, it is the "waiting without knowing" that is hard for me. Typically waiting is not hard if I know how things are going to turn out. Unfortunately God reveals only what we need to know when we need to know it. Sometimes I can see God's reasoning for withholding results and sometimes I cannot. In Isaiah 55:8 God reveals to us a glimpse of how simple we are and think. He is the creator of the universe - which he made out of nothing. We have a hard time creating something out of something God already created. If God set the planets in motion (Which I know he did.) There must have been an opposite reaction to the force put on the planets to put them in motion. How big and or strong does one need to be to do this? I guess I say all this because we cannot possibly know the full path God has us on.

    I have often used this analogy: I think of myself as a small boy standing in the dark with Jesus standing behind me. He is holding a lantern shining the light down the trail ahead. Often I see where the trail is going and run ahead. Then I find myself stumbling in the dark crying out for help. If I would only walk with Jesus at his pace I would always see his plan for my life. This however takes Trust in Him which may be the whole reason he doesn't reveal everything to us.

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for the comment. I like your analogy about the boy in the dark. i sometimes find myself in that same spot. The minute i get the smallest bit of light on an issue i'm ready to jump but then i find myself in a pit of darkness again because i choose not to allow Christ to guide my jumping. We must wait and then when He says go we must be willing to be patient because the path is not always as straight as it may seem.
    Thanks again for the comment,
    God Bless.