Friday, November 02, 2012

Week 33

Yay! We made it to 33 weeks!! Jared and I are so thrilled that we are here and that the babies are still in the oven. Every day is a huge success for them and so we celebrate them today and their continued growth. One more week in the hospital, unless things change or I go back into labor. If no changes I will get to go home on continued bed rest until I deliver. I am missing home so much but thankful for the great care we are receiving here.

Today Jared and I will tour the neonatal ICU because Jared has never seen it and it is good for him to have some idea of what goes on over there in case we do have to spend any time there. Of course because my mom works in NICU, I have seen it and I have a good grasp on what goes on there but it's not a bad idea for me to see it from the eyes of a mom, rather than from the eyes of  a nurse's daughter. Our prayer is that we won't need to spend any time there but it doesn't hurt to be more prepared for it if it does happen.

Thank you all for the continued prayers!

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  1. Yahoo!!! so happy for you, and the kiddos~~~ not much longer now. Hoping to get up there to see you sometime next week. Hang on life is about to get busy soon!!!