Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cleveland- First Week

After the appointments of Monday and Tuesday JW and I walked over to the hospital full of readiness. Unlike all the prevous appointments, getting admitted for the OR was quick and well organized. The Dr.'s all have classes on Wednesday mornings so right on the tick of 8:30 the floor of people waitinig for surgery was infultrated with hundreds of Dr.'s and Anesthesiologists flooding the waiting bed sides ready to take back their patient. It was an overwhelming apperance of men and women who were like silver bullets ready to do what they were made to do and all at the same time lacking most of the human giftings of knowing how to actually communicte what they do. In the bed it really doesn't matter if they can have a funny bone or the ability to talk to other only matters that you know they are a gifted bunch and you trust them to cut you in the right place. :D

I had a wonderful team who treated me well and successfully placed 20 depth electrodes into my brain, 10 on each side. I really don't know what happened from the time they took me back Wed. at 8:30am to Thursday morning when I finally woke up in the Electronic Monitoring Unit (EMU). Thursday-Saturday morning were horrible because I was sick from coming off the anesthesia and I was still adjusting to the massive tail of gauze and wires I now had.

Saturday-my nurse was wonderful and cleaned me up and helped me get in real clothes. I started to feel much better by Saturday night and suggested to my team that I was ready to try sleep deprivation to get my seizures going. We did that by going to sleep around 3:30am Sunday morning and then we slept until 8:00am. This did what it was meant to do and today I've had around 3 concrete seizures and some other 'seizure trigger spots' on my brain scans. We're so thankful for this breakthrough! We will probably go to sleep a little earlier tonight and try sleep deprevation again Monday night.

OK enough of that boring stuff! I miss my kiddos like crazy and we've been able to FaceTime with them a litte while we've been apart and that is so fun. Here are some of the cute photos we're getting!
Anders got his 2nd haircut! He looks so so old! 
Joline loving the outside playtime!!

Grandma gave us cupcakes!!

Anders saying goodbye to cousin Fitz with high fives and hugs... LOVE! <3

Blessings friends we are so thankful for you! 

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  1. You are such a strong warrior of God. You are an inspiration and I am in thought and prayer for you, family, friends, doctors and answers with a speedy fix and recovery. :)