Sunday, April 06, 2014

A Bump In the Road...

…But still making our way.

So in the last post I told you that Jared had developed some kind of nasty cough; well that cough is bronchitis. :(

He reluctantly and thankfully went to the Dr. today to get checked out after almost a week of coughing and poor sleep. He's on medication now and will be able to take at least the antibiotics all through our trip down to Cleveland. He will, however, have to stop taking the cough medicine they prescribed while we travel as it has Codeine in it and he isn't allowed to operate a vehicle if he's on that. So that would leave us with 2 non-drivers and in this case-I might be the better choice for a driver. Ha! ;)

SO at least the mysterious coughing has been diagnosed and is being treated so that we will not infect anyone else. I'm thankfully not feeling sick at all even after a week with this guy! That's got to be a first; I'm ALWAYS the sick one!

Thank you for your prayers! JW and I will be off the grid tomorrow as we plan to spend the day soaking up our little ones before we take off.

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