Thursday, April 03, 2014

Packing & Pony Tails

Cleaning. Laundry. Phone calls. This has been my week. I'm so thankful that spring is finally here because these kiddos have been aching to get outside and play and now they finally can! Jared's mom was able to find the kids some rain boots to splash around in the mud so we've taken them outside a few times this week when it was nice to let them get their energy out and they absolutely cannot get enough of it. Joline literally sits down and cries when we bring her back in! :D

I love love that my kiddos enjoy being outside so much! The winter was so long and cold that we didn't even use their sleds until March and even then we only did that maybe 3 times… Ha! I'm laughing just realizing how ridiculously long this winter was. BUT hey! We all survived and we'll have things to complain about when the weather is in the 90's too I'm sure. :D Well, maybe we can take this winter as a reminder to be thankful for the time when we can get out and do what we want; even if we are sweating as we go along!

"Please can we play outside now!?" :) 
Pig Tails and Pony Tails! Oh MY!
Joline, at 16 months finally has enough hair to be pulled back and while I'm so excited about it because it looks super cute, I'm realizing I need a lot of practice in being a mom of girls! I'm really bad at doing hair and making it look cute. :D Well, one pony tail at a time I guess.

So JW and I are not quite packed but we are almost ready for the big trip…well, sort of. I think we have everything in place as far as paper work and medical items go. The rest I'm sure will fall into place as we go along. JW caught some kind of nasty cough this week…YUCK! So I've been trying to get him to drink water like crazy and take meds and such to get him better before we go. :( The trick is I can't get sick in the process… Hmm. I always get sick! 

Hope you are enjoying spring! 


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