Thursday, May 01, 2014

Spring Update!

Happy May 1st! 

It's not been the most beautiful week as far as weather goes but I am happy that we can say May nonetheless. Something has got to give because this has been a year for the record books in the area of cold/wet/snow/clouds since about November of last year and May sounds a lot like summer to me! :D

It's probably not a surprise to you by now based on some of my posts but I definitely deal with seasonal depression. I have since high school and it has not let up at all in my later years. I'm not ashamed of that and I don't see any point in hiding that fact. It's something I need to work through every year and work with God on to get me through the rough months. This year was exceptionally hard and the Lord was exceptionally gracious to me in helping me get through the rough months with grace. Having twin 1 year olds, not being able to drive, and being trapped by the relentless snow and bitter cold temps in the house was excruciating emotionally on certain days but the things that helped the most were staying in the Bible and letting the truth fill my brain, my husband's constant encouragement, my family's relentless help with getting me 'out and about' and our fantastic nanny and my friend Esther who helped me in more ways than just watching our kids or driving me to the grocery store. God has blessed me with all of these things through the rough winter and here we are on the other side of it now rejoicing with thankful hearts. I know that winter is necessary for our farmers in Michigan and I am thankful for what it does for our earth-albeit it's kick to my emotions is tough-I really wouldn't want to live in a warmer state at this stage of life though. Call me crazy. :D

So Here's to spring! We got a couple of pictures with the Winell family before I got my "haircut" ;) and they're finally here so enjoy these shots by our friend Jenny Osbeck. You can find her on Facebook by searching Jennifer Grace Photography.

Grandpa Jim and sweet Zuri

The fab 4! ;)

Dan, Abby and their amazing kiddos Fitz and Zuri

JW and Big A 

Me and miss Joline who was NOT happy about pictures that day! I think she was upset about her hair  accessory too! lol 

Jim and Sandy, Aren't they so cute! 

Grandma and Anders! 
So on a totally different note I need to drop a line for you all to check out my sister's blog because she's doing some pretty cool things over there. The Raw House Project was started when my sister and her husband bought a 1940's home with acreage and decided to completely gut it and remodel to make it their home. They have been living with my parents for a year now while they remodel and they are getting so close to move in and the blog is getting pretty exciting watching it all come together. In addition she has added a new section to the blog HOUSE CRASHERS! Yay! Once a month she is going to spotlight someone else's remodel/update/redecorate project on her blog to give all of us who crave those kinds of ideas something new to read. It's fantastic and she kicked it off today with a Nursery for friends of ours who just welcomed their new addition! Holly and Corey Osbeck. :D So head over to the blog and enjoy all the remodel ideas!

Spring Blessings Friends,

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  1. You look so beautiful in those pictures! That color looks great on you. What a beautiful family.