Monday, September 05, 2005

Oh to be 10 again...
Can you just imagine yourself at age 10 maybe you can't, but i'll take you back to a day in my life when i was 10. just for fun, or maybe because i love the simplicity of those days. when i could just sit on the edge of the water and stare out at the wonder of God's creation and be totally content with "my world."
Today was a beautiful day, absolutely perfect weather. The sun was shining the breeze was perfect, the birds were singing, and the air was just the right temperature. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. it just makes me think of how amazing God's creation is. In Genesis God created everthing and it was "good" and i believe that it was. Even though man's sin corrupted the earth and we lost dominion God's creation is still Good! and we are still part of that creation. and God is reaching out to us in love to "hem" us in as Psalm 139 talks about. God wants us to come closer to Him, he wants us to know him better because what son/daughter doesn't want to know and do everything that their father does?
well... thats what i long for to be like the father, for Him to Hem me in, and to let him affect me in a way that i'm not the same. i guess that's what God has been telling me from the very start, from His creation, there's more... Just come.

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