Thursday, June 06, 2013

Couch Slide, Showers, & Seizures

Well, It happened, one of the babies slid off the couch and on to the floor. Gracefully, hitting her head. She was a tough girl though and cried only a minute or so and then was right back to her chipper self. I was in the process of putting Anders in the exersaucer and moving Joline out of it and while I was putting Anders in, I placed Joline on the couch next to me in a semi-sitting position with pillows around her. This was obviously not enough for this mover and groover! Mothering twins is tough work when they are not totally floppy but yet not totally independent either. :) I need to get creative for how to entertain them long enough to keep them happy while also keeping in mind that they cannot sit alone yet and they cannot be left alone on the floor too long either because they roll all over the place and I could walk away and come back to them up against the stone fireplace or under the rocking chair...who knows! Always on, that is what I have to be right now and that is OK! It is only a short time in life and I am learning to enjoy it.

This week has been good for me. I finally bought storage bins to organize all of the babies clothes that they have already grown out of. Currently these clothes are creating a never ending mound in my spare bedroom so now they will have a home in their organized storage bins until Hubby and I decide what we are going to do about having more babies.

The weekend is fast approaching and I am thankful for that. It will be a busy one though with 1 Bridal shower, 2 Baby showers, 1 Graduation open house (for 3 different grads), and moving the babies and Hubby to his sister's house for the week while I prepare for a week of seizure monitoring coming on Monday. Busy busy but there's no better time than the present so bring it on!

Starting on Monday I will be posting about my seizure monitoring and how it's going. I have no idea what to expect so I want to document as much as I can since this could be the only time in my life that I have a lot of seizure activity all at once in a safe environment and be able to document what's happening and why. I'm excited, anxious, nervous, and scared all at the same time. I have not been away from the babies more than 1 night since they were born so we will see how this goes.

For most people today is the last day of the school year and the beginning of summer so Happy Summer! :)

God Bless, Sleep Well,

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