Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 4-Seizure Monitoring

Day 4 is drawing to a close and overall, it has been a sucessful day. I have had a lot of seizure activity  which is good and revealing. The Dr. hasn't reviewed everything yet because they are still monitoring  so after re-introducing meds tonight I will continue to be monitored until at least tomorrow. There is a chance that I will get to go home tomorrow evening but it's not set in stone yet because we have to see how my body does getting back on meds.

The babies made a stop in to see me earlier and it was so great to see them today. I have been so blessed to be able to see them everyday for a little bit. It has been so helpful knowing that they have been so well taken care of by our families, and Jared has been such a trooper at nights because Joline has decided to be an early morning gal this week! ;)

This journey has been trying and I am very ready to be back home with my babies and my husband and our crazy puppy. God is teaching me a lot in this process and I don't want to miss the point. I want to walk away from all of this stronger and more in love with Jesus. I can't say that in the past year my walk with him has been perfect or easy. Faith has been a work in progress and I'm still learning but I'm thankful for the road and I know that He is using all of these things to make me stronger, my love for him deeper, and my faith in him durable. So thankful that I am not in it alone!

Stay tuned because when I get home it's full swing camping prep and this year will be a little different because Jared and I bought a SWEET 1984 Starcraft T-1000 Truck Camper! :) *Vintage :) Our first trip with it is in late June so there isn't much time to do much with it before that but I have plans to totally remodel the interior and you won't want to miss it!! Can't wait to show you a pic. Well you'll just have to wait a few more days!

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