Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 3-Seizure Monitoring

Day 3, Wednesday, Hump Day...However you want to say it I'm feeling good about being half way done since it's not a true full week for me here. :)

Last night my Dr. stopped all medication and sleep deprived know you are! ;) I managed to stay up until 4am without too much trouble. Then, I hit a wall of tired. At that point I was allowed 3hrs. of sleep. The nurses have me all hooked up to monitors and video etc. so they watched me to see when I was truly asleep and then started my time then. I must not have fallen asleep right away because the Nurse didn't wake me up until almost 8 this morning. Either that or they were super nice to me. :) I have great Nurses. I did have 1 seizure during my sleep last night that I was totally unaware of. I guess the Nurses even came in the room but I have no memory of any of that so it must have been a good one. It was about a minute long they tell me.

After a long morning of trying to stay awake watching boring TV shows Jared was able to come sit with me and do some work from my room so I had some great company; he even brought me doughnuts from Van's bakery! That's love! While he was here I had one more seizure that I slightly remember pieces of. The Dr. came in a little while later to let me know that she is happy with the data that she is seeing and to tell me that she thinks the sleep deprivation is enough and we don't have to add a glass of wine... :( oh bummer! Well, I'm not all that sad because I really have a very limited taste for wine so I probably wouldn't have liked what they had to offer anyway. It usually only takes 1 glass of wine to trigger some kind of seizure activity for me so I hardly ever drink anything anyway, especially not without meds... so who knows what that would trigger!

So going forward tonight I'm not sure if they are going to let me sleep tonight or not. I don't think they will (except for a 3 hour stretch) but then if they get the seizure activity they are hoping for tonight and tomorrow they will most likely start introducing my meds again by tomorrow night.

Again, the babies are doing so great. I get pictures and I can't figure out how to link them here. :( They look like they are having so much fun with Aunt Abby though!! I think I will get to see them for a bit again later tonight. Yay! I miss them so much!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers. Jared and I are so thankful.
God bless, Sleep well,


  1. Praying for you. Glad the doctors are getting what they need.

  2. Praying for you. Glad the doctors are getting what they need.