Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 Months!!!

Half. A. Year. Wow how did that happen!?

I know I know I said I was going to update more often and it didn't happen. Well between our internet going in and out and just life with the little people it's rather difficult. Also, there is something in me that says that if my internet isn't working good enough for me to upload pictures then the post isn't worth it. Is that stupid? :) If you're like me you don't want to read a whole bunch but you do want to see pictures so I try to have a few pictures in every post for you. We have a 6 month session with StaciebPhotography pretty soon so I will have more awesome shots for you to oooh over.

Right now....

Anders and Joline are learning quickly the art of sitting up and mastering rolling all around the living room. They are not sitting unassisted yet but I'm sure it's not too far off. They enjoy sitting in the front bay window in their Bumbo seats watching the birds, eating all foods having to do with a spoon, watching fans, reading books, singing along to any and all music, taking walks in the country air, and in general learning all sorts of new things. :) Both are in the process of teething. Joline is a bit farther than Anders I think and will most likely cut a tooth on the top any day now.

We are enjoying the spring very much. Planting season is in full swing here. Our fields are planted by the Harrison family and they were tilled up last night. Everything smells like fresh dirt now. ;) Our garden will hopefully be planted soon too. We hope to have plenty of veggies for canning and freezing in the fall to last us through the winter. The babies are eating homemade baby foods now and boy it would be ideal to have fresh garden produce now but I know that even fresh bought produce is still better than no fresh produce at all. They are loving it. Especially the sweet potatoes and bananas!

In the coming month I am looking forward to many 'firsts' with the babies; going to the zoo, swimming, park days, trying yogurt and oatmeal, getting teeth, sitting up on their own, scooting around on their hands and knees in prep for crawling, etc. etc. :)

An update on my health...I have had at least 2 grand mal seizures since my first one in February. This is obviously a bummer. So in addition to adding a second medication I will be going in for a week of testing in June. This will consist of monitoring via electrodes on my head and they will also watch me via camera a few hours every day from a Monday to a Saturday. The Dr. will take me off medication during this week in hopes of causing me to have seizures.... I know you're probably thinking 'what good is that?' What this will do is allow the Dr. to see exactly what type of seizure I am having and exactly which location of my brain is causing all the trouble. The camera monitoring is necessary because when a person has a grand mal seizure the type of movements that happen during the seizure can help indicate where the seizure is happening in my brain as well. The babies will not be able to be with me for the majority of this week but they will be able to come visit me often and I will get to snuggle them as much as possible but they will be well taken care of by Jared and our families this week. We are so thankful to them for their willingness to help us out so we can hopefully get some answers and get things to a stable condition so I can get some of my 'freedoms' back. Thanks to everyone who has been praying. I will keep you updated on what we find.

Blessings. Sleep well.

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