Saturday, September 29, 2012

28 Weeks

We made it to another 'milestone' in the medical world... 28 weeks gestation is a big milestone for the twins and we are so thankful that we're here. 1 month ago I was sitting in the hospital receiving steroids for the babies lung development and shots to stop my contractions. The fear was a delivery at 24 weeks which is WAY too early for these little ones to be here. Now, after a month at home on bed rest I am happy that we have not had these babies yet. Of course, I am anxious to meet these little ones and snuggle them close but I want them to be here in the best possible condition and even now is still too early so we wait and pray for more time.

Jared survived his second grocery shopping trip complete with stops at Meijer, Save A-Lot, and Sam's Club. He's a bargain hunter! He got everything on the list and probably spent way less than I would have....hmmm. Maybe we will make this permanent? :) I don't think so, he didn't enjoy it very much. He's been a trooper with his additional jobs and I'm so thankful!

We were able to have our small group from church over to our house on Tuesday night which was a huge blessing for me. I have missed staying in touch with our church family and it was good to see our small group friends. The ladies brought dinner and we had a great time of fellowship. I'm so thankful for great friends!

Tonight Abby, Dan & Fitz are coming over to have their family pictures taken here. The trees are really looking pretty so it's the perfect time for some fall photos. I think Jared is even going to hook up the trailer to the tractor and put a bail of hay on it for a mini hay ride! I will have to be content to see them from my perch on the couch; but maybe if I'm lucky Jared will set up a reclining lounge chair on the deck so I can enjoy the view!

That's all for now, hope you all are enjoying the fall!

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  1. So thankful for good news on you and the twins. Be sure to tell Jared we are proud of his new shopping skills too!! Love you both