Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ahh... Home!

"Home is where you rest your feet" My mom had a sign in her living room with this phrase on it and never before has that phrase been so literal for me. :) I am so thankful that I have a cozy home in the country to be resting my feet (and my body) from the stress of gravity on these babies. I have a much better view here than I did at the hospital that's for sure! I also have a much more good looking nurse! Jared is adjusting to his role as my caretaker very well and he even brewed me a nice cup of tea this morning. What a guy!

Bed rest is not the vacation I think some assume it should be; especially for a head strong homemaker who has a little too much ambition in the areas of cooking and cleaning. Some of the things I love most about having a home and a husband revolve around making things run smoothly, cooking up a nice hot meal with homegrown ingredients, and having the house clean and comfortable for family and friends when they visit. But now I will take a back seat to all of that for some time and focus on growing these babies big and strong. I have been doing some reading in the areas of bed rest and how to stay fit and sane and there are a lot of good resources out there. There is an organization called "Sidelines" dedicated to helping women with high risk pregnancies and bed rest and they have some great articles on their website about bed rest and what I can expect. Our family has been so supportive and they have already brought meals, come to visit, and they even cleaned my house for me. I am so thankful for that because with a chocolate Lab puppy and just living in the country, my floors alone need a good sweep every day it seems.  

The one thing I seem to be lacking right now is a good book I can dive into. I have been on somewhat of a reading freeze; seems like its been over a year now. I have a few boxes of books in the spare bedroom that I haven't gone through since we moved back in May and I know I have some good ole' Jane Austen up there I need to get my hands on somehow. :) Even if I've already read all of her novels, those are the kind you can always read again!

The babies are kicking around in there and its a beautiful Sunday here! I think I will even get my zero gravity chair out on the deck today and enjoy the early fall sunshine.



  1. I love to read and have a kindle that I can get all kinds of books on. Maybe you should ask for one of them while growing those babes!!! So glad you are all doing better. Sending prayers and love

  2. Thanks Aunt Nancy, We have a nook, and an iPad both with books on them. I'm just one of those weird people who likes to hold a real book. Something about it is comforting. :) But today I started reading "Klondike" by Pierre Berton about the alaskan gold rush. Its good so far.

  3. You may enjoy following this blog too. She is the daughter of a lady I work with and just found out they will have triplets.

  4. Heres another blog that is so worth reading, she is the daughter in law of a very good friend of mine.