Sunday, March 09, 2014

Ants, Aunts, and Answers...

Sorry for the delay in posts. These past few weeks have been a blur of sick kids, sinus infection for me (insert huge headache here) and finally getting some meds for Joline after almost 3 weeks of illness and 2 trips to the Dr. they finally discovered double ear infections. :( We've all had our medicine and we've been better now for about a week and a half. Last week for me consisted of a short trip to California to visit my great Aunt. She's 93 (I think I said 94 before but I had it wrong…let's not get ahead of ourselves). She is a fantastic lady with a lot of spunk given her age. While everyone here at home was dealing with -17 degree weather, I was enjoying the first break of rain in a 2 year drought that CA has been experiencing. Most people would be upset to go to CA and have it rain but I was fine with it. The temps were still in the high 60's and the rain was only on and off and then it just felt like our spring with a warm breeze. The best part is they have flowers and grass to look at! Oh it was beautiful and it gave me so much hope for what's to come here in a few months.

Most of our trip was dedicated to helping her around, going to see friends, having lunch with old acquaintances, and helping her around her house since she has no family in CA. We discovered some unpleasant guests in her apartment. Ants. I hate those little creatures. They were just about everywhere and we sprayed and cleaned and tried to convince her to let us call an exterminator…she said the place that she lives has sent one before and it didn't work so she wasn't willing to let us call. :( well, we'll have to work on that from afar; maybe we can still convince her to call.

In passing during this trip I also got to see another Aunt. My Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Dave from IL came in during our last full day there so our trips overlapped a bit. It was fun to see them there since we normally only get to see them at Christmas and then once camping during the summer months.

The trip was not really like a go and chill by the pool kind of vacation since we were really there to see and help Aunt Caroline, but I did enjoy a few moments of down time that I would not normally get at home and that was appreciated. My family was being so well taken care of back home and that makes going away so much easier because I know they are in good hands! It's also really nice that we have fun things like FaceTime…that helps for sure!

During one of these moments of rest I received a phone call from my Dr. back in GR telling me that I have been accepted to the program at the University Hospital in Cleveland for further testing for my Epilepsy. I had to just stop and marvel at God's perfect timing in planning that phone call. Of course I had been waiting for months to know if they would take me and I didn't realize until recently how much not knowing was affecting me mentally and emotionally. It was draining both for me and for my family. Receiving that call while I was away allowed me the chance to sit down and process what I had heard without having to rush into another activity with the kids or laundry or making lunches where I would have just pushed aside what I had heard and not had a chance to process it until much later. This way, God saw fit to allow me to be alone and quiet and just say thanks. It was what I needed.

Cleveland is scary for me in many ways but now I know that I'm ready. Receiving the news and being filled with such peace about it lets me know that I need to pursue this no matter what answer I get at the other end of my testing. I won't know for a couple of weeks when exactly I go; most likely it will be sometime this summer. We'll keep you in the loop. JW and I are so very grateful for your love and support through this life journey.

God Bless, Sleep well,

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