Monday, March 17, 2014

Facebook Delete Coming Soon

Ok here goes nothing…I'm deleting my Facebook account. It's decided. I've been on the verge for a while now and I've been waffling back and forth but I've decided to do it.

Spring cleaning is in the air around here and this year more than ever I've felt the need to include some mental 'cleaning' to my spring cleaning routine. In an effort to downsize my mindless web surfing I will be getting rid of Facebook which is the main source of useless surfing time. There are so many ways to connect with people these days and Facebook is not the only source of communication; of course I know this but it's so 'easy' to just shoot a message off or put something on a friend's wall rather than actually trying to connect with them so here's to real conversations and trying to be more intentional. I need to at least try.
"Ugh…Mom! You're not scrolling through Facebook again are you!? Come play with me!" 

I will still be available via E-mail:
Here on the blog
and now you can follow JW, the twiners, and I on Instagram @christinawinell for all those cutie pie pics!

The Facebook page will officially close Friday, March 21 so I can get the word out there that I'm shutting it down. :D

Happy spring cleaning to you all!


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