Monday, February 24, 2014

Full February

This month has been FULL! Whew! I'm ready for March but we have a few more days of Feb. to freeze through…

Well, did you celebrate Valentine's Day? This year we actually did! Now don't get me wrong, JW and I tell one another how much we love each other all the time but we're not big "Hallmark Holiday" types. We don't often exchange cards, even on birthdays, and we're not big flowers and presents types of people. Don't misunderstand me though, we just like to express our gratitude in other ways. For example, we will typically make a point to create a special date for their birthday and enjoy quality time together doing something that the other person enjoys doing; so if I know JW LOVES to hunt and fish I might cook a homemade meal with venison or fresh walleye and something from the garden. We might top off the night with a walk in the woods (to check the trail cam of course!) or a trip out to a lake with the canoe for one last catch of the season (his b-day is in Sep.) This year JW went all out at Christmas and surprised me with tickets to the George Strait "Cowboy Rides Away" concert in Auburn Hills. This is supposedly his last tour, although at the concert he did suggest that he's still not quite sure he can really be done. :) I guess if you've been doing something for 30 years it would be difficult to quit. We really enjoyed Little Big Town too. They were the opener and didn't disappoint at all. I would go to another concert just to see them. George played a total of 33 songs for the night! Pretty impressive for a 61 year old. His band, Ace In The Hole, was equally amazing. 12 person band and many of them have been with George since the beginning. They were so classy and fun all at the same time. I love old talent!

In other news...

The kids and I have had one sickness after another the whole month; stringing coughing and fevers, and stuffy noses, and runny noses together at various times this month to make up for quite a miserable time. We've missed almost all of our normal opportunities to get out of the house because we don't like to subject others to our sickness just for the sake of 'getting out' but that has had its toll on us too. We've had a few windows of clarity where we were in-between colds for a day or two and thankfully were able to get out and oh how good that feels! We're so thankful for good friends who come to our rescue to take us to Bible Study/play group and other general outings.

This month I had the pleasure of teaming up with another mommy to sing in our church's worship band and while we both were struggling with coughing fits and recovering from colds it was so nice to worship together and get out of the house for something out of the norm.

I also had the chance to get my hands dirty at my sister and brother in-law's house re-model! They are doing some awesome things to their old house and I have not been able to get over there too much so it was fun to help her paint the kitchen this past weekend. Check out her awesome blog here for all the great progress pics!

This week…

I'm escaping the cold for a few days to sunny California with my parents to visit my 94 year old great aunt. We are so excited to see her again and so glad she lives in a warmer climate! Well, truth be told, we wish she lived here but if she has to live somewhere else we're thankful it's warm. JW is gearing up for a week of Daddy duty and he and I are so thankful for the helpers we have coming in to assist him when they can. He really amazes me though; we've come a long way in 15 months! He can handle a lot, feed them, give them baths at the same time by himself and get everyone tucked into bed without a hitch…born to have twins that guy!

So may the end of February bring healing to your bodies and refreshment to your souls as I hope it will ours!


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