Sunday, September 29, 2013

Full FUN

Where did September go? It seems like this month absolutely flew by and I can't believe I'm already posting that the babies are 10 months old. We have had a full month here starting with birthday celebrations for Jared, Papa Dolph, and Dan. Papa Dolph turned 80 this year! What a blessing he is to us all and we are so thankful that God has given him to us! Thanks Papa for all the laughter and prayers and love you send our way!
Papa & Nana Dolph and the babies celebrating at Arnies in Rockford.
It's daddy's B-Day and we're ready to party! 
Then on to the middle of the month and we've been busy getting adjusted to cooler temps, prep for fall, getting to know our Nanny- Esther, and enjoying the fun of almost walking! These kiddos are everywhere! They pull themselves up onto every piece of furniture and walk along all the walls and cabinets to get to whatever it is they want. They pull their diapers out of the basket and have them all over the place. Playing with the drawers that don't have child latches on them (mommy needs these!) are a big hit right now. Oh and Teeth, we've gotten more teeth of course. Anders has 2 on bottom and 3 on top now and Joline has 2 on bottom and 2 on top. They both love brushing their teeth which makes mommy very happy!
Then we turned 10 months! Wow! I can't believe it.
Bright eyed and Bushy Tailed on the morning of their 10 month B-day! :) 

Big A. 
Miss Joline. 

This past week has been a busy one. I went to ArtPrize with my mom & dad while Jared stayed home with the kids because he has a deep fear of people. ;) lol Just kidding. Actually Anders wasn't feeling all that well so we let Jared stay home. Big crowds and cities aren't really his thing so he wasn't disappointed. :) We didn't get to see much because we went pretty late in the evening and by the time we made our way around the Ford museum, Rosa Parks Circle and The BOB areas we were hungry and it was dark so we stopped for a bite and then after tried to see a few indoor things but most of the venues were closing so we only got to see a few. Oh well. Maybe next year!
Dad & mom. Aren't they cute!?

Mom & me

lol my Fav. Just kidding! I think it was just fun. 

Fire breathing dragons oooh! :) It was super hot under that thing. Not really art as much as it was mechanics but that's just me thinking out loud. ;)

Live statue. He was kinda creepy but fun. The kids in the audience were having a blast with his ability to go long periods without blinking. This dude was a pro for sure. Fun! 

Wall of words. Loved this one. But I'm a word girl!

This one's for JW. His kind of art; it's made of grass, straw, mud, sticks...outdoor stuff. To top it all off he was propped up next to the river fishing. That's the kind of art Jared can appreciate! :) 
Then last night we celebrated my cousin Kevin's big day as he married his best friend and beautiful bride Emily! It was a beautiful ceremony and reception over looking Lake MI. Congrats to you both!

As we wrap up September and head into October we have much to look forward to. We are awaiting the arrival of another little one very soon. In the coming weeks we look forward to welcoming baby girl Vanderson to the family! Jared's sister, Abby is due very soon and we hope that she will not have to wait much longer! :) We are also looking forward to harvest parties and fall weather, pumpkins and all that comes with October.

Jared and I are hoping to get away for a quick trip to the U.P. just the two of us in the coming weeks to see the colors so we will see if that happens and when/if it does I will share pictures!

God Bless, Sleep Well,

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