Friday, January 18, 2013

Digging Our Way Out!

Every time I sit down to write I feel like saying "Wow, time is flying!" The babies will be 8 weeks old on Sunday and it hardly seems possible. They are growing like weeds. Anders has moved to his 0-3/ 3 month outfits and both he and Joline are in size 1 diapers already! :) Yay! They are doing fantastic and I  can't wait for next week's Dr.'s appointment to see how big they are. My bet is that Anders is somewhere in the 10lb range and Joline about 8ish. They slept straight through from 11:30-5:00am last night too! That's the first time they both did that in the same night! So thankful and hoping for more nights like that to come.

This is a big weekend for us because we are finally almost finished with the nursery. If you recall, we moved into our house May of last year and because of being put on bed rest in August and having to reconstruct some of the room, the nursery project has been dragging on throughout the year. But we're really really close. Jared has a few finishing touches to make to the room this weekend and we will potentially be putting the babies in there as soon as next week. :) Yay! I will have a full before and after post once it's complete.

SO this weekend, my part in this project is to dig our way out of boxes and bags to organize and sort through all of the gifts and baby items we've received as well as all the boxes of things left from our move. This will be a really gratifying job because right now our spare bedroom is covered in boxes and bags and our entire upstairs is pretty incomplete because we don't have it set up. The goal is to have a loft space where the babies can play and relax, while I have a small area set up with my sewing machine and crafts as well as a reading nook. The spare bedroom will be just that. (Although we don't actually have a spare bed yet! :) And the nursery will be complete as a cozy place for the babies to not only sleep but also play and have snuggle time with Jared and I and have a place to curl up in a big chair and read. (We don't have the chair yet either!) :) We will get one soon though I hope!

So here's to a productive weekend! I hope you have one as well.
God Bless, Sleep well!



  1. :) Oh, I can def. relate with home renovations dragging on! We bought a 1940's home in 2010 & while we have got a ton done, we still have a ways to go. Makes it feel like we are always off kilter! :) Super happy to hear your sweet Babies are making wonferful progress. <3

  2. you have your work cut out for you, not only taking care of two babies but un boxing and sorting all that goes with that~~~~~Happy organizing!!!