Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2 Month Wrap Up!

Here we are just past the 2 Month mark! We finally went to see the Dr. yesterday morning for their 2 month checkup and some stinky shots. :( They both did so great! Just cried during the actual shots then they calmed right down. Yay! AND they are getting SO big!! Anders weighed in at 12lbs 5oz 23.6" long and Joline not far behind at 10lbs 4oz and 22" long!

I'm so happy with their growth and it really encourages me to feel like I'm doing a good job. One of the most frustrating parts of having twins is trying to breastfeed. So far I have not been successful at breastfeeding both at the same time; which is what I really had hoped to be able to do. However, being that the babies were premature and had a hard time learning to breastfeed it didn't work out that way. They're still learning so what we do is a little breastfeeding, and I pump a lot to make sure that most of their bottle feedings are breast milk. We use formula too and I'm not against it I just know how good it is for them to have breast milk and I want to do everything I can to help them get it. So knowing that they are getting so big and are both healthy is a really great feeling!

Cold winter days call for hats; sometimes they don't stay on the way you wanted. :)

This month both Anders and Joline have successfully moved themselves to a four hour feeding schedule, they are both now consistently sleeping from about 11:30pm-5:30am, and they have been practicing their smiles. Yay!

Soon we will start a new adventure with cloth diapering! We are going to be using the gDiaper system for the babies. This system will hopefully save us a lot of money in diapers because we will only use disposables when we go to church or someone else's house and at bedtime. I'll post more about how its going next time since we haven't started yet.

That's all for now, on to the next adventure in month #3!



  1. They are just to cute. So happy for how well they are doing.

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  3. SO proud of you!!! The first months are always tough with nursing, but you are doing beautifully (I know it hardly feels that way!) with those precious Babies. Hang in there hun, you are an awesome Momma!