Wednesday, July 18, 2012

17+ weeks and counting! I'm so excited for our ultrasound next week I can hardly stand it. Normally, this would be the ultrasound that would tell us what we're having...boys/girls/both...BUT because I love surprises we have decided not to find out. I know that seems crazy to some people especially because we're planning on only having one nursery for both babies. How will we prepare? Neutral is so boring isn't it? How will people know what to get us for shower gifts?... And so on. Well I've answered most of these questions as best as I can. First, before ultrasound how did anyone know what to get for showers or how to prepare their nursery? And secondly, in today's arts and crafts era, neutral is absolutely NOT boring. I have been discovering some great websites and online tools to help me create the nursery space and gain ideas on how to organize a shared nursery to maximize space, comfort, and functionality. First on our list is drywall. The room that we are using has some amazing wood floors and ceiling but we're taking the wood off the walls and drywalling just the walls...leaving the floor and ceiling to pop with that great hardwood. The room we're using also has a massive closet that can be easily transformed into an extension of the bedroom by organizing the space well so that it acts as a closet, changing station, and organizational hub leaving space in the room itself for a cozy chair, reading space, and 2 cribs. I will of course post pictures as we get going on this room but it probably won't be for a while yet.

In other news, I had my first bat encounter yesterday! There are all sorts of things I'm learning as I live in the country that were never an option before. So far, I have had the luxury of living with hard water even though we have a water softener, I've had my first up close encounter with a snake, My dog has chased numerous mice in the fields/yard, and now we've discovered that we have bats. Now, being that I grew up not too far from here I am "familiar" with all of these things; they are not completely new to me. However, I have never had to live with them and I'm learning to adjust. I hope that I am adjusting well. As for the bat. It was just a little one and thankfully, Jared's cousin was home (our next door neighbor) to come take care of it for me. It's good to have neighbors you can count on! :) Some day maybe I'll be able to take care of a bat on my own but since I really had no idea how one goes about catching a bat I left that up to someone who's lived in the country much longer than I have! Add to our project list: build a bat house ASAP! This will keep the bats in their own place. Their not so bad to have around because they eat insects that are pests to us and I can appreciate that. I just would rather they live in their own house rather than mine.

Well, that's all for now. PS: if you haven't given me any ideas on what I can rename my blog see the previous post and give me some feedback. I hope to have the blog redesigned by August. Thanks!


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  1. I detest bats!! But I do agree with you that they are very helpful in the insect area. I had one in my house years ago and it freaked me out. We have them now but they stay outside thankfully.