Saturday, August 01, 2009

Summer Update Pictures!!!

Hey Y'all!

I'm back from the Jr. High mission trip to Benton Harbor and I have to say WOW what an amazing week we had! Our kids had awesome attitudes all week and there wasn't any complaining or groaning whatsoever! Parents... You should be absolutely proud of your kids because they received numerous compliments from the TEAMeffort leaders as well as the people that we served this week because of their maturity and great attitudes! These kids have and will do many great things in the years to come! Thank you for trusting us to take this step with your kids! I can't count the number of times I was blessed by them this week!

Here are some pictures from our journeys together~ Starting from our last day and going backwards... Enjoy!

The boys on the beach on our final "fun" day! JJ and I

Jared, Luke, and Derek cooling off after a competitive game of beach volleyball with some people on the beach.

Chaille, Kaylee, and Megan about to take on their volleyball challengers.

"Andrew Squared" kept us all entertained through the week. Here they let the girls play with their hair!

Solo time on the beach. JJ on right and Brittney, Christy from TEAMeffort, Erica, Christiana, and Kaylee on the left.

We all got VERY colorful this week! In a good way!

Brittney after a long day of working to paint the fence behind. Great job!

Jared... Tired, Colored, and having a blast!

Dean and Derek on their way to the job site.

Me with Abby and Aleah from the Emergency Shelter. Their mom works at the front desk and these girls were super sweet!

Kaylee, Kaitlin, and JJ working hard to paint the children's room in the Emergency Shelter.

Chapel time! Andrew B. and Tim doing some kind of jig...

Kaylee and Luke in the basement at the Shelter. Hmmm... Where is the puddle of water coming from and what's in it? This is the question...

The Emergency Shelter

The house right next to the shelter. This abandoned home was not the only one in the area. Unfortunately, this was what many of the houses looked like.

Tim, doing his part by filling in a pot hole in the driveway of the Shelter.

Andrew D. 4 Oreos in one big mouth! Way to go!

Luke, Tyler, Garrett, and Andrew D. at lunch time on the job site of the Overflow church in the mall.

Breakfast time! Many thanks to IHOP for providing our breakfast everyday!

Dez... Looking cool and having a great time!

Oh NO! Who gave Derek W. Red Bull??!!! We've only just begun! Thanks Derek for many laughs and a great attitude this week!

Britt, Meg, Angie, and Kaitlin on the ride to Benton Harbor!

Our bus!

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  1. great pictures! Thank you for taking time to go on the trip with the kids...they definitely have a great respect for you and Jared!

    Wishing Troy could have gone! year!