Thursday, August 27, 2009

Curling up with a good book

'T'is the season for curling up on your big fluffy couch with a tall steaming cup of Joe to your left or to your right, a good book in your hands and a cuddly quilt wrapping you in warmth.

You've just entered my living room and it's a very nice place to be on this grumpy day. The sky is dark and the trees are still, but inside I'm quite happy to be snuggling up with Sense and Sensibility. This week has been one for reflection in a lot of ways and although sometimes reflection can cause you to be 'out of spirits' in a sense it has almost given me more spirit than ever. My little brain is running fast with new ideas and things that I hope to accomplish in the next few weeks and months. For example, my class. I have been trudging along this whole summer to finish one class that will complete my degree. Why it's taken me so long is another story in and of itself but here I am in the last week of August and I have 2 more lessons to complete. I had hoped to be done with this class months ago but since it's not done yet it's useless to look back. SO I'm looking forward to what can happen this week. I'm making myself no promises and I'm trying to take it one day at a time and just get it done as soon as I can because.... gosh I've got other things to get to! Right? I am one of those stereotypical people who can't wait for one thing to be done because they're always looking to what's coming next. The problem with that is that I focus so much on what's to come and I forget to do the work that it takes to get there. Or I'll do the work but I do it mindlessly. God has been teaching me these things this week and although it's always hard to take a good look in the mirror like that, it's very true in my own life and I will gladly accept God's prodding in my life to change things.

So here are some of the things that I have been thinking about this week for what I would like to do when I'm done with my degree. I'm writing them down for you here as part of my goal to let go of these things for the time being and allow God to work with me right now on my class and then perhaps I can come back to these things later.

-I would love to try my hand at writing a book; a novel.
-I want to pursue something with my degree, whether it be volunteer or paid I want to at least try.
-I want to take the time to be a more diligent exerciser in the form of biking, running, or Zumba (Dance exercise). This year I have been blessed with time almost every week to go swimming with Chaille but in addition to that I want to be better at doing something daily or every other day.
- I want to read A.W. Tozer's books.

So that's all for today. Another day in the confusing mind of me. But the day is still young and I have plenty to do to keep me busy right!

No new books to tell you about or recipes to share today; more of that to come in a later post.

Sleep well, God bless!


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