Thursday, September 04, 2008


What do you do when you're feeling just.... "blah..." Ahh today is one of those days when there is nothing very exciting going on and you're stuck at school (or work whatever makes you say Blah) and you just feel like sleeping the day away. Sleep is good in small regular amounts so it really serves no purpose to want to sleep the day away but thats how I feel today. I think a combination of spending all of last week working on the old church building, transforming it into an amazing youth center, Kasey having the baby on sunday and then this weeks busy work and school schedule has totally wiped me out! I got up this morning only by a miracle at 5:45am and promptly got myself ready and out the door by 6:30ish to meet my good friend Anna Ivie at Biggby Coffee in Grand Rapids before the day's events kicked off. We had a great time chatting and reading God's word together. never the less our time came to a close when she had to get off to her student teaching position and I headed to Cornerstone in hopes of finding chapel today. There was no chapel service today but I did end up going to a great "Java with Joe" session in the student center at CU. This is a very informal coffee time with Joe Stowell our president at Cornerstone. Faculty and students are allowed to attend and ask Joe questions about Cornerstone and what's happening on campus and how he's doing as our leader. I had a great time and plan to go to the rest of the sessions throughout the year. I think it's so great that he wants to take the time to answer our questions and get to know what our thoughts are on the student life and atmosphere at Cornerstone. I think his leadership will be a great turning point for Cornerstone's future. So my morning was awesome but then the day went to Blah when I went to class and now as I'm waiting for my next class to start. If you have any good ideas about what to do during those Blah moments let me know. But for now I think I'll try to read some and perhaps the afternoon will get better. I'm sure it will. :D thanks for letting me ramble on and on.

I'll write again soon hopefully with more pep next time eh?!

God Bless, Sleep Well,

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