Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Fiction

I know that I haven't written to you all in a VERY long time and i'm sorry about that But i'm back and i'm raving about this new fiction series that i've been reading. Of course working at Kregels has been great for me and the bonus is that i get to read all these really great books... hmm.. funny how that works. SO the new fav is Erynn Mangum's Lauren Holbrook series. The first book in the series, pictured above, is MISSMATCH. This little book is an incredibly funny, challenging, Scripture filled, laugh and cry your heart out book. Erynn Mangum is a 22 year old college grad who is writing her own books!!! That impressed me so much i picked up her book and now i'm hooked! The second book is called REMATCH and is just as good as the first. Unfortunately i have to wait until June for the third and final book to come out, :( BOOOOO,
But i think i'll survive until then. Kregel's is keeping me busy and school doesn't start until the 21st so i'm on a sweet little break until then. God is good. I hope you all are doing well and I'm really going to work hard to keep this thing updated! Sorry there haven't been any good pictures added lately, Jared and I have been a little slow getting our pictures off of the digital camera; sometimes i hate technology....
Tata for now my friends. Sleep well and pray hard!


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  2. Oops - messed up that last comment! Glad you like the pics on my blog - they're sure fun, aren't they?! I would love to get together with you soon. Thanks for the good idea - I went on KDL and reserved Missmatch, since everyone should have a good book to read in January!! Did you get my email today?