Wednesday, January 09, 2008

KCBC Women's Bible Study

Tomorrow Women's Bible study starts again and this time around we will be studying Joanna Weaver's second book called Having a Mary Spirit. This is the followup book to Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. The two books are very different and yet Joanna's skill for writing to the hearts of women is the same. I am thrilled to be starting a new study with the ladies at KCBC and i am so happy to once again have that fellowship with the ladies every Thursday. I am the youngest in the group but the ladies have all made me feel extremely welcomed and wanted and they have taught me so much already. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such a great group of women who love The Lord. School starts on the 21st and although i've been enjoying my break I do feel like it's time for me to go back. I'll be diving into a spanish class this semester which is something i have not done in a very long time so i'm interested to see how quickly i'll pick it up again. Hopefully the teacher will not teach in spanish though, that would be bad! :D

I hope you all are doing well and finding joy in today!

God Bless, Sleep well


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  1. The study and fellowship will be great. Wasn't Cosy's testimony good. She's so fun!