Monday, July 17, 2006


It's been an incredible week of ups and downs. From being sick all the time to laughing your head off because your campers rock at "Big ball volleyball" it's been an interesting week to say the least. I have enjoyed every minuet of camp so far and though there are definately days when you just want to give up and go home, God continually gives us what we need to make it through and have a blast doing it. I was so stinkin' sick last week and i felt terrible because i felt like my campers had a crappy cabin leader because of it. However, God has completely restored my health and i even took a few naps this weekend... ;^) (Thanks Jared) Keep praying that God would open the floodgates of these kids hearts and break down walls that they've put up so that He can get in there and restore and renew their outlooks and their lives. He is faithful! Keep smiling and don't ever forget to remember the little things that make you smile.
"But the Lord of hosts will be exalted in judgement and the Holy God will show himself Holy in righteousness." -Isaiah 5:16

God Bless, Sleep Well!
-Christina Lindsey


  1. I'm glad that you're feeling better again and that your week is going so well - God is so good! I'm especially jealous that you get to be at camp with all those Winell boys!

  2. Christina:
    so glad to hear you're feeling better.
    i really enjoyed the time we had to chat, you have really grown into this awesome woman of god....i need to remember to pray for you more..i took your picture out of my wallet and put it on the fridge, maybe that will help. Keep looking up.....
    but don't talk to your sister!!!! :)