Sunday, June 25, 2006

Here we Row again...

Hello everyone! Well, another week of camp has come and gone. I'm enjoying it very much and i can't wait for next week already. last week we had Jr. high campers. A group of about 30 or so were there and they were incredibly challenging and so great all at the same time. Since this is my first time doing the camp thing, i'm still on a little bit of a learning curve and I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to start off this experience with. They were smart, beautiful, driven, and courageous young women and though there were time, as always, that i wanted to cry and go sit in a corner, the week was incredible and God is so good. Praise God we had a camper accept Christ this week and many campers decided to make some very important life changes this week. We had more than eight campers from foster homes this week and though that brought a whole new set of problems all on it's own it allowed God to work so much in each of their lives allowing them to hear the gospel in a safe and beautiful setting and showing them the joy and beauty in knowing Christ as their savior. It was so challenging and so encouraging at the same time! Thank you thank you if you have been praying for me. I need you guys and I love you all!!

Keep seeking God, He's seeking you!
Love and God Bless!!
-Christina Lindsey


  1. Hey Beans! We miss you, but it's really encouraging to hear how God is working at the camp this summer. I loved your terminology "... allowing them to hear the gospel in a safe and beautiful setting and showing them the joy and beauty in knowing Christ..." How true! So much pain in their pasts but a relationship with the Savior will bring them not only joy but peace, and accepting Christ at camp definitely is a "safe" place to start. I'll continue to pray for your ministry there but also that the children who have given their lives to Christ develop the "deep roots" to withstand the tough times ahead. Keep me posted as to how to continue praying for you... love Ae

  2. Aunt Penny6:06 PM

    Hi Christina, I finally had a chance to check out your blog. I am so proud of you. Your faith is so evident in your walk. A couple of neighbor girls just came home from Pine Ridge this morning. I'm sure that this will be a life changing experience for you as well as them. Enjoy your summer.